We will be doing logos on our Stampede Race Shirt for $200, and we will be doing  These are some opportunities for those wishing to raise funds and are optional.  Remember that it is up to the coaches as to what funds are used for, and Coach Barnes must approve of what credit is used for.  Plan on 50% of what you fundraise coming back to you in credit.  Note that we cannot back pay credit.  Here are some options that you can use your credit for in order of priority:
1.  Uniform Purchase
2.  Participation Fees
3.  Spirit Pack, Team T-Shirts, etc.
4.  Team End of Year Banquette
6.  Shoes or Spikes
7.  Trips- Nike SW, Bob Firman, Footlocker.
8.  Moved to Track and Field for similar Fees

Booster Fundraiser Form HERE