Foot Locker


Foot Locker this year will be November 29-December 2. Spots will be filled by varsity athletes and then JV athletes on a first come first serve basis.  You can start paying for the trip by paying into the XC club account in the main office on October 22-Novememer 2.  At this time we need the $280.  The theme park fee will need to be paid by November 9, but this is after we know who is going and have voted on which park to go to.  Since we are going on our own this year we will need a solid count and need to fill the bus completely to keep costs down as much as possible.    We will do our best to refund an athlete that might not be able to go for some unseen reason, but will need to fill that spot in order to do so.  In the past we have kept a deposit of $50 if someone is not found to fill the absent spot.
The total of  $280 + theme park fee $45-$50ish (depending on the chosen park), so a total of $320ish will need to be paid into the Cross Country account in the Main Office and the receipt given to Coach Barnes.  Please get this paid by Friday November 9th.

You will need to register for the race yourself.  Register for your age group race.  This will need to be done before November 11 or the price goes up to $40 from $20.  Race Registration can be done HERE.  We recommend registering ASAP for your age group race, unless you are a top varsity that could place well in the elite seeded race.

Students will be excused from school Thursday and Friday, but will need to be responsible and take care of absent work.

 (Thursday – Sunday)
(This is the traditional trip that we have been doing for many years)

Chaperones: Coaches and Parents to the extent that we have one chaperon to about every 10 athletes.
Cost to the Athlete/Student: entrance fee $20 (Go on line) + $280 for transportation & hotels, and District Travel Ins + optional   pass + Food money for 4-dinners, 4-lunches and snacks.
Travel: Charter Bus** With VCR and or DVD (If you decide to bring a movie to share, please make sure that it is G or PG only. Please no R nor PG13).
Thursday November 29, 2018
Departure: 6am from Herriman High
Optional stop Wiskey Pete’s (ride roller coaster break) other breaks as needed for restrooms and dinner.
Check into the Hotels in West Covina
Workout in West Covina upon arrival 
Student must be in rooms and Quiet by 9:30pm.

Friday November 29, 2018                             
Check out the race course                                           

Packet Pickup Mt San Antonio College Walnut, CA

Optional Trip to the Beach
Student must be in rooms and Quiet by 9:30pm.

Saturday December 2, 2018
Races and Awards
Dinner and optional trip to Magic Mountain

Sunday December 3, 2018
Departure for Utah as early as it is safe and legal for the driver to drive
Return home ETA 9:30pm or earlier if we leave CA early

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