Sunday, November 8, 2015

November 9-14

Results from AF Yesterday
33.  Mica Rivera   20:47
35.  Michelle Stanley  20:51
38.  Becca Bronson   20:55
82.  Elena Stanley    22:19
107.  Halle Hoskin    23:18

 190 girls in the race

32.  Peter White   16:59
37.  Adam Wood   17:12
38.  Caleb Brown   17:12
47.  Tanner Webb   17:28
51.  Corbin Romney  17:31
67.  Nathan Bracken   17:45
75.  Taylor Burgess   17:51
83.  Jackson Webber   18:03
99.  Hunter Ramsey   18:23
107.  Levi Timothy   18:33
122.  Nick Burrell   18:51
140.  Jared Gerhart   19:07
149.  Austyn Poulson   19:21
165.  Mark Henderson   19:37
177.  Dillon Olsen 19:48
209.  Payton Snarr  20:35
258.  Sebastian Simonsen   22:25
259.  Cayden White   22:26

281 boys in the race

The Banquet will be on Thursday November 19th at 6:00pm in the Tech Atrium.  Cost is $12 per person and that amount needs to be paid in the Main Office into the XC Club Account by Tuesday November 17th so we can have count for the food. Please give the receipt to Coach Barnes.  Dress will be nice dress and Sunday dress for Athletes.   

Please get any pictures from the season to Coach Shaw ASAP.  There are some in the Drop Box that was set up, but if you have others please put them on a flash drive or CD. 

Foot Locker
Those going to Foot Locker need to be at practice everyday we have it.   And the days we do not have practice you need to be training on your own or together.  You should be running everyday and hitting your allotted miles for the week.  If you don't know what mileage you should be hitting then you haven't talked to me or been at practice like you should.  If I am going to use my personal time to coach you then you need to make it a priority to be at practice everyday.  My rule is at least 80% of the time or you can't go to Foot Locker.  You should strive for 100% of the time!  I am going to take role up until we leave, if you are not a regular at practice and putting in the effort to go to Foot Locker and race hard then we won't take you with us.  It is a fun trip, but we go down to California to race not just to play.  We only had 19 boys and 5 girls run at AF yesterday and we have 29 boys and 11 girls going to Foot Locker, not horrible but still not very impressive!
--Coach Barnes
Monday - 3:10pm @ Monarch Meadows

Tuesday - On your own

Wednesday -  Davis Pre-Nike Meet 4:00pm @ Layton Park (directly west of Layton High).  NO cost!  Girls and Boys will race together.  You need to get out of school and get up to Layton ASAP, so that you have time to get a good warm up.  There is not a bus, so carpool or get your own ride.  Parents are welcome to excuse athletes a little early from school to get there.  Plan on an hour drive.  Those that can't go should do a workout at the HS.  Talk to Coach Barnes about what that will be.

Thursday - 3:20pm @ Mouth of Butterfield Canyon

Friday - On your own

Saturday - 8:00am @ Jordan River Parkway off of 12600 South or mouth of Provo Canyon @ 8:00am (parking lot at mouth).  Choose either run that is easier for you to make.

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