Sunday, January 18, 2015

January 19 - 24

Coach Haag has asked that everyone who has not registered for Indoor Track to be at the HS in the weight room on Wednesday at 3:00pm.  Cost is $40.

Those who have not gotten on and created an account need to do so ASAP.  You also need to find teammates and follow them.  So far Adam, Tanner, and Joe are the only ones I have seen.  I know Michelle and Lucy have accounts, but need to follow everyone on the team.  Do it this weekend!  Start logging your miles and shoe miles every time.

Monday - Butterfield Canyon @ 8:30am  Roads are snow packed and it will be cold.

Wednesday - Meeting and Weights @ 3:00pm in Weight Room

Thursday - Monarch Meadows @ 3:20pm

Friday - Monarch Meadows @ 8:30am

 Saturday - Monarch Meadows @ 8:30am

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