Sunday, January 11, 2015

January 12-17

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Herriman Indoor Track and Field 2015
Here we go!  I know several of you have already been training for a while and that’s great, a large part of our success will be because of the work you have already put in and we thank you for that.  The official meeting for the Indoor season will be:

Wednesday, January 14th @ 3pm in the weight room

Things we will go over:
**Cost for indoor: $40 for the entire season.      
Practice schedule (High school and Olympic Oval)
Remaining meets
Arcadia/Chandler options for those that qualify
***The $40 will go towards paying the coaches for their time and for the equipment needed for the outdoor season.  We have big expenses coming up on the equipment side in the next year or two so it’s important we ALL get involved and help.

Monday - Plyometics with Coach Nicholson High School Fitness Room @ 3:00pm

Tuesday - Trail head on Juniper Crest @ 3:20pm

Wednesday - Meeting and Weights @ 3:00pm in Weight Room

Thursday - Monarch Meadows @ 3:20pm

Friday - Daybreak Bridge @ 3:15pm

 Saturday - Butterfield Canyon @ 8:30am

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