Saturday, August 18, 2012

Season Starts

Time Trials
We will start at 8:00pm on Monday Night.  Make it your family night and come join us.  We will have a brief parent meeting to discuss eligibility, uniforms, spirit packs, fundraising, meets, and parent involvement, etc (yes it really will be semi brief).  We will also introduce the team captains for this season.  RUN GR8 will be there to talk about Spike Night on Tuesday.  Races will start at dark.  Athletes should come ready to race, but have trainers for the warm up and cool down. Eat dinner early enough so that you can race well.  Bring a pot luck treat for afterwards.

Eligibility is due on Wednesday the 22nd; However, Monday night would be a great time to bring everything.  Check out the eligibility page for details and make sure all 5 items are turned in together. 

Team Dinner on Wednesday at Christian Roth's home 5:00pm.  (14807 Summit Ridge Circle).  Athletes are asked to bring $2.00 each to cover expenses. 

Highland Invite is Friday at Sugarhouse Park and Grass Relays is Saturday at American Fork High.

NXN Rankings give us some credit, but also point out our inconsistency  HERE 

Monday- AM Run at least 3 miles on your own.
PM Time Trials @ HS 8:00pm

Tuesday- Monarch Meadows @ 6:45am
Spike Night @ RUN GR8 at 7:00pm - We encourage as many as can to come.

Wednesday- AM Monarch Meadows @ 6:45am
PM  Rosecrest @ 3:10pm
Team Dinner @ Roth's 5:00pm

Thursday-  Monarch Meadows @ 4:00pm

Friday- Highland Invite @ Sugarhouse Park- Buses leaves at 2:20pm
Races start at 4:00pm (JV Girls, JV Boys, Varsity Girls, Varsity Boys)

Saturday- Grass Relays  @  AF High- Buses leave at 6:35am
Races start at 8:00am (Fresh/Soph Girls,Fresh/Soph Boys, JV Girls,  JV Boys, Varsity Girls Relay, Varsity Boys Relay)

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