Friday, August 10, 2012

Herriman Mustang Stampede

Get out today and get prizes for the race!  Everyone was instructed to collect at least 5 prizes and try to get 5 people to run.  If you haven't done both it is not too late, so get out and do it.  And yes the Coaching staff is keeping track of who is doing their part in this.  Make sure you are all doing your part!  Also, if you have gotten sponsors for the race and we put their logo on back of the shirt, that money needs to be put into the Cross Country account at the school under your name, and a receipt needs to go to the business and to Coach Barnes.  Please get this done ASAP.  
Remember that all team members are expected to be at the race by 6:25am tomorrow to help and run.  If you want a shirt you will need to bring $5 if you haven't already.

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