Sunday, August 12, 2012

August 13-18

Eligibility is due next week so get your paperwork done and turned in ASAP.  See the Eligibility Page on the top right for details and forms.

Herriman Mustang Stampede was another success and we had a great turn out.  Big thanks to everyone who participated and got others to participate in the race.  A bigger thanks to those parents and athletes who went out of their way to help with the race and the pre-race set up!  Thanks to those athletes who went out and got prizes and sponsors.  And thanks to those few athletes who actually stuck around to clean up after the race.

Monday- Stake Center on corner of Mount Ogden and Juniper Crest @ 6:45am

Tuesday- Dimple Dell Gully 7:00am - 10365 South 1300 East  Sandy
Rosecrest Park @ 4:00pm

Wednesday- Rosecrest Park @ 4:00pm

Thursday- Butterfield Canyon @ 6:45am
Monarch Meadows @ 4:00pm

Friday- Monarch Meadows @ 6:45am

Saturday- Yellow Fork Canyon @ 7:00am

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