Sunday, July 29, 2012

July 30 - August 4

Those going to TOU, we will still have practice Monday morning.  Also it would be a good idea to carpool and share tents.  Meet at Monarch Meadows Monday at 1:30pm to make sure everyone has rides. If you know someone going to camp please coordinate rides with them.  Those who have not paid for camp get your money and permission slip to Coach Barnes on Monday morning.

Our race is in 2 weeks (Aug. 11) and we need to get out and get sponsors and prizes.  Even if you want to pay for everything yourself instead of getting sponsors, we need you to go out an get some prizes for our race. We will need the artwork for the sponsors to put on the t-shirts by Monday August 6th.  Make sure you are asking every business to advertise our race, even if they do not contribute, and invite them personally to join us.

We are having a team BBQ on August 2nd (Thursday).  It will be at Jesse Jorgenson's house (14133 Ensign Peak Cir.) @ 7:00 pm.  We will be passing out a sign-up sheet for food assignments tomorrow morning at cross country.   If you  do not sign-up for an assignment please bring $2.00 to help cover the cost of the meat, drinks, condiments, and paper products :)  These team dinners are a lot of fun and they create unity for the team so we hope to see everyone there. 
Food Assignments:
Pasta Salad
Green Salad

We are still getting some good pre-season post season recognition HERE

Monday- Monarch Meadows @ 6:30am

Tuesday- Monarch Meadows @ 6:30am

Wednesday- Monarch Meadows @ 6:30am

Thursday- Monarch Meadows @ 6:30am
Team BBQ at Jesse Jorgenson's home @ 7:00pm

Friday- Monarch Meadows @ 6:30am

Saturday-  TBA

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