Friday, July 6, 2012

Lava and Schedule for July 9-14

Those going to Lava need to make sure you have your rides arranged for up and back.  Coach Haag will be at Monarch Meadows at 8:00am on Monday morning to lead the caravan.  Make sure you are in your running clothes because we will be running into camp.  Make sure to bring a water bottle with you.  If you need to contact Coach Barnes over the weekend please call the cabin phone.  If you want to go off of the diving boards at the pool on Tuesday have your parents sign the pool waver on the camps page and bring it with you.  Driving directions are also on the camps page or call the cabin before you come up.

 Monday- Monarch Meadows @ 6:30am

Tuesday- Monarch Meadows @ 6:30am

Wednesday- Stake Center on the corner of Juniper Crest and Mount Ogden @ 6:30am (South side)

Thursday- Daybreak Lake (in front of South East Bridge) @ 6:30am

Friday- Monarch Meadows @ 6:30am

Saturday- On your own

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