Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 23-28

Top of Utah Camp is next Monday - Wednesday (Thursday for those staying for the elite day).  Get your money and parent form to Coach Barnes before Monday July 30, but let him know ASAP if you are going and how long you are staying.  He needs a count by Wednesday this week.  Forms and Info are on the camps page at the top.  This is a great camp for all levels and we would love to have as many as are able attend.

Remember too, that our race is in 3 weeks (Aug. 11) and we need to get out and get sponsors and prizes.  Even if you want to pay for everything yourself instead of getting sponsors, we need you to go out an get some prizes for our race.

Monday- Monarch Meadows @ 6:30am

Tuesday-  On your own at least 35 minutes.  Happy 24th!

Wednesday- Monarch Meadows @ 6:30am

Thursday- Mouth of Butterfield Canyon @ 6:50am

Friday- Monarch Meadows @ 6:30am

Saturday-  TBA

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