Monday, January 2, 2012

Indoor Track

It is time to get serious about training now that the break and holidays are over.  If you want to have a good cross country season this year it is imperative that you run track.  If you want to have a good track season you need to build a good base of mileage and strength training in the couple of months prior to the season.  Coach Barnes will start doing practices on a semi regular basis this week.  We will be running mostly outside, so get yourself some appropriate clothing for the weather.  Also if there are days when Coach Barnes will not be at practice you can run on your own and go do the sprinter workout.  When we meet at the high school be prepared to go outside or stay inside.

Here are some goals Coach Barnes has for you this year that will help with your running.
  • Be at practice as often as possible during indoor track.  Remember that Coach Barnes and the other track coaches are coaching you on their own time and don't get paid.  Make it worth your time and theirs.
  • Buy a running watch for workouts and bring it to practice (an ironman at Walmart is excellent).
  • Keep a log of your mileage, shoe miles, and strength training (including core work and abs).  This could be a online log or blog like FRB, or a personal log that you keep in a note book.  Be consistent with this!
  • Run some indoor meets and or road races as often as possible.
  • Set specific and realistic goals that you want to accomplish, write them down, and tell people about them.  Look at them often and evaluate your progress as the season goes on.
  • Take a few minutes to really stretch out after each run or workout.
  • Be consistent!  Roller coaster training and taking care of yourself leads to staleness, injury, and lack of motivation.  
  • If you can be varsity rather than JV, and this includes playing other sports, than do what you need to do to be varsity.  Don't play soccer if you can be varsity track and only JV soccer, and don't run JV track if you will be a starter on the soccer team.  
  • Pay for indoor and get registered with the county.   If you pay a price motivation is more likely.
  • Check the blog and track blog on a regular basis.
Monday- Run on your own

Tuesday- Monarch Meadows @ 3:10pm

Wednesday- HS @ 2:45pm

Thursday- Monarch Meadows @ 3:10pm

Friday- HS @ 2:45pm

Saturday- Rosecrest Park 8:30am

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