Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nike, Foot Locker, and Thanksgiving

NXN Southwest was a very fun trip and a great success for our boys team and our entire program.  The boys took 10th place in the Region and beat all of the teams that probably should not have beat them at State last month.  Everyone ran 5k Prs and did a great job representing Herriman.  Jesse Jorgensen and Coach Shaw also ran PRs in their open races.  This was a very good experience for all who went.  Big Thanks to Sharps, Mitch Bronson, and Evan Mitchell for driving us down to Arizona, we appreciate your support!  Results are HERE

Footy Locker is in less than two weeks.  Make sure to pay your trip insurance in the main office this week and get the receipt to Coach Barnes, if you haven't already.  Cost is $6.75.  Also, parent permission slips need to be notarized and given to to Coach Barnes with a photo copy of your insurance card.  Please get this done if you have not yet.  Hopefully you registered for your race too since the price just shot up today.

Thanksgiving is our moratorium which means we will not have practice.  You all need to make sure you are training hard on your own.  Some of you have really been slacking off and we are not excited to take you all the way down to California to run mediocre.  In fact, some of you are on the verge of not going on the trip because you have not been to our practices much!  Those that have been working hard keep it up for this next two weeks and you will do great.  Everyone, find a race this week to run, and make sure to run all 6 days.

Monday- Monarch Meadows @ 3:10pm

Tuesday- Rosecrest Park @ 3:10pm

Wednesday- Monarch Meadows @ 3:10pm

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