Sunday, October 16, 2011

State, End of Season Business, and October 17-22 Schedule

State Championships :  Wednesday is the day we have trained for all summer and all season.  Make sure you are taking good care of your bodies these next couple of days.  Stay hydrated, eat good food, get to bed at a decent time, and don't do anything strange that you don't normally do before a race, (i.e. eat some new food, or get a massage, play a game, jump on the tramp or fall down the stairs and break your foot, etc.), be smart.  
Remember for those coming to watch, you cannot run alongside our runners at anytime while they are running.  This is called "pacing" and even if it is just a couple of feet they could be Disqualified.  Please let all spectators know this!

Varsity Schedule (JV Welcome)
Monday- 3:10 @ Monarch Meadows 

Tuesday-  3:00pm @ HS
6:00pm- 5024 West Little Water Peak Drive.  Team Dinner for the whole team hosted by Braden Bronson.  Braden will make assignments or bring $2.  JV will need to leave after dinner and Varsity will have a Pre-State meeting.

Wednesday-  STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS @ Sugarhouse Park.  Bus will leave at 12:00pm.  Sunday Dress at School.
Girls 4A @ 2:00pm
Boys 4A @ 3:30pm 

Thursday- 8:00am @ Rosecrest Park

Friday- On your own at least 30 minutes

Saturday - On your own at least 35 minutes

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