Sunday, October 30, 2011

Schedule for October 31- November 5

Halloween Half
Big thanks to all of you who showed up for our team service project with the Halloween Half.  I thought you all did a great job today and were very on top of the situation.  I also thought we were pretty organized this time and although we got slammed pretty hard at the Timp Park stop we never got behind.  I hope you had fun as well.  If you would like a shirt please let me or Coach Haag know in the next couple of days so we can let the race director know.  Great job again and thanks to those parents who gave rides today as well!

Foot Locker
The balance for Foot Locker is due on Tuesday November 1st.  If you haven't paid any more than the $50 deposit the remainder is $223, which includes Disneyland.  Please make checks out to Provo High and get them to Coach Barnes.  The sooner we get the money in the better hotel we get.  Don't forget to register for your race before November 15th, do it now.  You can go to the Foot Locker link to the left to register.

Monday- 3:10pm @ Monarch Meadows

Tuesday- 3:10 @ Rosecrest Park

Wednesday- 3:10pm @ Monarch Meadows

Thursday- 3:10pm @ Butterfield Canyon

Friday- 8:00am @ Monarch Meadows

Saturday- Pre-Foot Locker Race @ AF High, $3 per runner
Girls 8:30am
Boys 9:00am
Carpool to race!

Uniforms need to be turned back in right away unless you have talked to Coach Barnes about keeping it for Foot Locker.  Make sure you WASH them before bringing them back, and get back ASAP before you are assessed a fee.

Pictures: A lot of you and your parents have taken several pictures over the season, but not many have ended up in the coaches hands.  If you have pictures from the season, camps, summer, dinners, etc. please get them to Coach Barnes in the next couple of days.  If you have a lot please condense and narrow them down to a variety of your favorites and put them on a CD.  Coach Barnes will be making an end of year slide show for the Awards Dinner.

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