Monday, October 24, 2011

Nike is Resurrected and Schedule for October 24 - 29

Well, life is full  of ups and downs.  The boys and girls both had good seasons and then choked under pressure at State.  The girl's season is now done because of this, other than those going to Foot Locker, but the boys have been given a great gift, a second chance to redeem themselves and be a part of the Nike SW Region Championship race on November 19th in Arizona.  I just got off of the phone tonight with the race director and Nike has seen fit to not kick us off of the bubble even after falling on our face at State.  I hope the boys realize what an opportunity and gift this is.  We have a lot of work to do!  We will talk logistics later.

It is time for those who are going to Foot Locker to be at practice on a VERY regular basis.  The rule has always been 75% attendance, which mean 4-5 times per week.  Many of you think it is vacation time, that time will be in December, it is time to prepare.  Be at practice if you want to go to California!  Many of you have lost fitness already, don't lose anymore.  The coaches are not going down to play, we are going down to see you perform.  You should go to Foot Locker with the goal of running your best race of the year there. Time to step it up!

Monday- 3:10pm @ Monarch Meadows

Tuesday- 3:10 @ Rosecrest Park

Wednesday- 3:10pm @ Stake Center on Juniper and Mount Ogden

Thursday- 3:10pm @ Rosecrest Park

Friday- 3:10pm @ Monarch Meadows

Saturday- TBA

Uniforms need to be turned back in before October 27.  Make sure you WASH them before bringing them back!

Pictures: If you have pictures from the season, camps, summer, dinners, etc. please get them to Coach Barnes in the next week or so.  If you have a lot please condense and narrow them down to a variety of your favorites and put them on a CD.  Coach Barnes will be making an end of year slide show for the Awards Dinner that will be TBA in the next couple of weeks.

 Race of Champions:  On October 29 the Coaches Association is resurrecting the "Race of Champions" at Kiwanis Park in Provo.  This is a race only for Seniors!  The coaches would encourage those few Senior we have to participate in this event if possible.

Service and Halloween Half:  We have been asked to help again with the Halloween Half Marathon on Saturday October 29th in Provo.  This will count as a service project for those who still need one for their varsity letter or 1/4 PE credit.  Also, they will give the team money that we would let you use for the team banquet, or you can have a tech shirt for helping.  We had a lot of fun doing this last year, so plan on it.  You will need to arrange rides.  Dress warm too, and feel free to dress up!

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