Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Foot Locker

I have arranged for a little extra time for signing up for Foot Locker and getting me the deposit.  We have about 30 kids going, but feel that is very weak for a team of  75-80 kids.  We can do better!  I think that some athletes and parents do not quite understand the importance of a trip like this.  Again, this is a great experience for these runners to go and compete on a larger scale than the competition around Utah.  Experience will help them improve a tremendous amount in the future.  We have a talented group of young athletes who have not yet discovered their talents yet.  We also have a lot of fun on this trip and it is something the coaches highly recommend. It is a memory maker!  I would recommend the athletes go every year possible, it is like a championship meet, the more they go the better they will do. That is why I take the team every year.  We understand the financial burden for some families, but this is why we have offered so many fundraising opportunities for the team, too bad that many kids have not taken advantage of them.  We will try to help in this way as much as we can.  I personally would like to see the athletes pay for this trip on their own, I think it means more to them that way.  Again, we have a little extra time for those who still want to come, but I need to know ASAP, and we would love to have more of the team join us in December..

--Coach Barnes

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