Saturday, September 3, 2011

September 5 -10 Schedule

We have seen a lot of improvements this week and most of you are beginning to get a feel for things now.  Remember that consistency is the key to our success!  Your hard work will pay off.  Continue to take care of your bodies too.  This includes eating nutritious foods on a regular basis and drinking plenty of water during the day and after practice,and start taking snacks to school.  Check out the schedule and results page for race results.  Make sure to check out the race photos with the Utah County results.

South Valley Journal Article HERE

Monday- 8:00am @ Monarch Meadows, if you are going out of town run on your own for 60 minutes.
Tuesday- 3:10pm @ Monarch Meadows

Wednesday-  3:10 @ Stake Center on Mount Ogden and Junipercrest

Thursday- 3:10 @ Monarch Meadows
6:00pm - Team Dinner hosted by Christian Roth's parents.

Friday- 3:00pm @ HS

Saturday - Wasatch Invite @ Soldier Hollow  Buses will leave HS @ 6:45am
JV Girls 9:00am
JV Boys 9:30am
Varsity Girls 10:00am
Varsity Boys 10:30am

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