Saturday, September 17, 2011

September 19-24 Schedule

Congrats to this weeks Runners of the week

Varsity Runners of the week:  Jesse Drury and Emily Hill                           
JV Runners of the week:  McKay Sharp and Amanda Dalling

Athletes are not allowed to play powder puff football this week or do the blood drive on Friday!  

Please look at and re-read the Team Disclosure that you all signed.  Be familiar with our team rules.  HERE

Any parents that would like to help with our Invite on Saturday Sept 24, we will need all the help we can get.  We will have a parent meeting Wednesday at 6:30pm to train volunteers on what needs to be done.  We will meet at the course, and it shouldn't take long.   Also for our invite, we will have a spectator/middle school race that will be a 2 mile version of our 5k course before our high school races.  Please spread the word about this.

Monday- 3:10 @ Stake Center on Mount Ogden and Junipercrest.  Course Prep after

Tuesday- 3:00pm @ Monarch Meadows

Wednesday-  3:10 @ Rosecrest Park

Thursday- 3:10 @ Monarch Meadows
 THANKS TO:  Hartleys, Jex, and Jorgensens for a great and fun Team Dinner!

Friday-3:00pm @ HS

Saturday - Herriman Invitational @ 7:30am

           Spectator / Middle School Start:                       8:20am
           JV Girls Race Start Time:                                9:00am
              JV Boys Race Start Time:                                9:30am   
           Varsity Girls Race Start Time:                        10:00am
           Varsity Boys Race Start Time:                        10:30am

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