Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cross Country Spikes

Anyone who is going to be semi-serious about racing should get some spikes.  Make sure you get Cross Country spikes and not distance track spikes (track spikes have plastic on the bottom).  Cross Country Flats are good as well, they are the same as spikes just with rubber spikes instead of the screw in metal spikes, and are good for every surface.  Spikes or flats are a personal preference.  Make sure if you order from online you get the right size.  Pay attention to whether spikes run true to size or .5 sizes small.  When in doubt get .5 size bigger.  Wasatch running Center will give you 20% of your spikes, or there are other places as well.  East Bay has some great deals on spikes right now, and a $10 off a $50 or more purchase, you can check them out HERE.  They have some really good shoes like the Saucony Shay, Saucony Kilkenny, Nike Zoom Waffle, and others for $20-$40.  XC spikes can also be used for track in the spring if you wish.

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