Sunday, December 14, 2014


We had a great weekend last week.  Lucy Biles took 7th at NXN (Nike Cross National).  All-American!  We are super proud of her for all of her hard work and great accomplishments! 
Webcast Replay HERE
Highlights HERE

We had a great time and Foot Locker too!  And as predicted, those who made an effort in being at practice did very well, and some even medaled or PRd.  

Now that you have had a week off, it would be good to get going with some sort of exercise through December.  We will not have practice for indoor track until after the break.  However, we will have Tuesday, Thursday afternoon, and Saturday morning group runs for those who want to maintain a little fitness.  Also, you are welcome to start lifting weights and doing other things to stay in some kind of shape.

Group Runs

Tuesday Trail Day- Church at end of Juniper Crest @ 3:20pm

Thursday - Monarch Meadows @ 3:20pm

Saturday - Day Break Lake @ 8:00am

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Foot Locker and December 1-7

HERE is the consent form.  MAKE SURE YOU GET THIS TO COACH BARNES before we leave or you WILL NOT get on the bus!

I have been very impressed with a small group of athletes who have been at practice every day or close to everyday.   This group will go this weekend and race well, maybe even PR.  Kudos to you.  
On the other hand, I have been extremely unimpressed with some of your efforts to be at practice, and I am not talking about this past Holiday week.  I think some of you think this Foot Locker trip is just a "Joy Ride", but it is not.  This is the Western US XC Regional Championships that we are attending, and some of you are going to get extremely embarrassed!   I have been very tempted to tell those who have been slacking with coming to practice tough luck and tell you to try and get your money back from Provo High.  Because of the slackers this post season, we will have more strict rules in the future during, and especially after, the season.  I am NOT impressed and actually quite annoyed with some of your commitment levels to this race, especially after I have been there at practice everyday, off the clock, on my own time!  I better see everyone that is planning on going to Foot Locker at some of the practices the next couple of days or you will not go with us Thursday.  
--Coach Barnes

Monday - 3:20pm @ Trail head of Juniper Crest (church)

Tuesday - 3:20pm @ Monarch Meadows

Wednesday - 3:20pm @ Monarch Meadows

Thursday - Leave HS to California at 6:00am

 A couple of things to know for newbies:
  •  We are staying at the Best Western Hotel in West Covina CA.
  •  You need money for food and snacks, other than the breakfasts provided by the hotel.
  • I have to have the permission slip signed and in my hands before we leave.
  • Don't forget your running shoes and racers.  You might want road shoes or blank spikes in your spikes for the race.
  • You need to have parents excuse you or do a vacation release for Thursday and Friday if you haven't already, (this is not a Jordan District activity, it is through Provo High).
  • You need to be caught up on classwork and assignments before you leave.
  • Do NOT test rules on this trip, especially in the Hotels or you will be going home via parents.
  • We will get back to the HS late Sunday night.
  • Let's go have fun, race hard, and be the most respectful and well behaved team there!
Best of luck to Lucy who is racing at Nike Nationals this weekend in Oregon!

Alumni Report:
Rory Linkletter raced at the Canadian Junior Nationals on Saturday in Vancouver and took 3rd with a time of 26:42 on an 8k XC course.  This earned him a spot on the Canadian Junior National Team that will compete at the Junior World XC Championships.  Congrats to Rory, that is awesome!  RESULTS

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Thanksgiving and November 24-29

Congrats to Lucy for taking 5th place at NXN Southwest.  She will be heading to Oregon for Nationals in 2 weeks.  

This is the last major week before Foot Locker, so make it a good one.  Some of you have really slacked in your training and will get a swift kick in the shorts on race day, but that is your choice.  Hope to see you all out everyday we can train up until Foot Locker.  Hopefully you all registered for your races at Foot Locker, because the prices shot up today.

Monday - 3:20pm @ Monarch Meadows

Tuesday - 3:20pm @ Church at the end of Juniper Crest

Wednesday - Run on your own

Thursday - Happy Thanksgiving!   Run a race or do a tempo run

Friday - Run on your own

Saturday - Run on your own

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Banquet and November 17-22

The XC Banquet is this Tuesday November 18th at 6:00pm in the High School Tech Atrium.  Cost is $12 per person.  If you have not yet paid do it first thing Monday morning and get Coach Barnes the receipt.  We need a count for the amount of food to give to the Caterers by Monday late morning.  At $12 a person we are not going to get a a bunch of extra food, we need a count.  The Banquet is Sunday dress (boys in shirts and ties and girls in dresses and skirts).

Pay attention to the weather and dress appropriate for practices.  Even though the weather has turned cold it does not mean that you can slack with hydration, sleep, and nutrition.  Doing core and stretching on your own will help too.  Lets work hard and be smart for the next 3 weeks so that Foot Locker is a good experience and then you can take a break!

Monday - 3:20pm @ Monarch Meadows

Tuesday - NO Practice - run on your own 30-40 minutes.  Banquet is at 6:00pm.  We need to set up tables and chairs right after school.

Wednesday - 3:20pm @ Church at the end of Juniper Crest

Thursday - 3:20pm @ Rosecrest

Friday - 3:20pm @ Monarch Meadows

Saturday - 8:00am @ Monarch Meadows
Last day to get the pre-registered price for Foot Locker

Sunday, November 9, 2014

November 10-15

Coach Denos is putting on a race at Suncrest this Saturday November 15th.  The 30% discount code for XC and their families is herrimanxc.  This is a tough 5K and a great tune up for those running Foot Locker.  Also, let's support Coach Denos in this event.  Adam and Michelle actually have a free entry because of a previous race they placed in.  You can register for the Top of the Mountain 5K HERE.

The XC Banquet will be November 18th at 6:00pm in the High School Tech Atrium.  Cost is $12 per person.  Please pay in the main office by Friday and get Coach Barnes the receipt.  We need a count for the amount of food to give to Caterers by Monday morning.

Monday - 3:15pm @ Monarch Meadows

Tuesday - 3:15pm @ Rosecrest

Wednesday - 3:15pm @ Church at the end of Juniper Crest

Thursday - 3:15pm @ Monarch Meadows

Friday - 3:15pm @ Monarch Meadows

Saturday -Top of the Mountain 5K or run on your own.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

November 2-8

Halloween Run 2014
Foot Locker money is due to Coach Barnes Monday November 3.  The balance (which includes Disneyland) is $291 if you paid the $50 deposit.  Make checks out to Provo High.  

Those going to Foot Locker need to make a valiant effort to be at practice every time. Now that it is a new Quarter we will start taking role.  At least 80% attendance at practice is expected.  Foot Locker is a fun trip, but we are going there to race!

The XC Banquet will be November 18th at the High School Tech Atrium.  More details to follow.

Monday - 3:15pm @ Monarch Meadows

Tuesday - 3:15 @ Rosecrest

Wednesday - 3:15pm @ Church at the end of Juniper Crest

Thursday -  3:15 @ Rosecrest

Friday - 3:15 @ Monarch Meadows

Saturday - Pre-Foot Locker meet at AF High.  You need to get your own ride to the meet and the cost is $3.  Be there in plenty of time to register and warm up.
Girls race - 8:30am
Boys race - 9:00am

Sunday, October 26, 2014

October 27- November 1

Thanks to Biles and Sharps for the great team dinners last week!   

Thanks to those that came to State and supported our girls team.  Videos and highlights of State HERE

Foot Locker money is due next Monday November 3, but you don't have to wait to get it to Coach Barnes, the sooner the better.  The balance (which includes Disneyland) is $291 if you paid the $50 deposit.  Make checks out to Provo High.  

Monday - 3:20pm @ Blackridge Res

Tuesday - 3:20pm @ Mouth of  Butterfield Canyon

Wednesday - 3:15@ Daybreak Lake(southeast bridge)

Thursday - No practice

Friday - Halloween Run 9:00am @ Monarch.  Come dressed up!

Saturday - No practice, run on your own