Sunday, November 27, 2016

Foot Locker and November 28- December 3

Please get the Foot Locker permission slip HERE to Coach Barnes ASAP if you haven't already.  MAKE SURE YOU GET THIS TO COACH BARNES before we leave or you WILL NOT get on the bus!

Remember this is through Provo High, not Jordan District, so you will all need to have parents excuse Thursday and Friday for vacation and take a vacation release around to your teachers.  Make sure to get any work needed so you don't fall behind those two days.

I have been very impressed with most of the athletes who have been at practice every day or close to everyday.   This group will go this weekend and race well, maybe even PR.  Kudos to you! 
On the other hand, I have been extremely unimpressed with some of your efforts to be at practice, and I am not talking about this past Holiday week.  I think some of you think this Foot Locker trip is just a "Joy Ride", but it is not.  This is the Western US XC Regional Championships that we are attending, and some of you could get extremely embarrassed!   Everyone that is planning on going to Foot Locker should make it a priority to be at practice the next couple of days.  
--Coach Barnes

Monday - 3:20pm @ Rosecrest Park

Tuesday - 3:20pm @ Monarch Meadows

Wednesday - 3:20pm @ Rosecrest Park

Thursday - Leave HS to California at 6:00am

 A couple of things to know for newbies:
  •  We are staying at a the Fairfield Inn in West Covina CA.
  •  You need money for food and snacks, other than the breakfasts provided by the hotel.
  • I have to have the permission slip signed and in my hands before we leave.
  • Don't forget your running shoes and racers.  You might want road shoes or blank spikes in your spikes for the race.
  • You need to have parents excuse you or do a vacation release for Thursday and Friday if you haven't already, (this is not a Jordan District activity, it is through Provo High).
  • You need to be caught up on classwork and assignments before you leave.
  • Do NOT test rules on this trip, especially in the hotels or you will be going home via parents.
  • We will get back to the HS late Sunday night.
  • Let's go have fun, race hard, and be the most respectful and well behaved team there!
Big congrats to Rory Linkletter who earned a spot on the Canadian National Team this weekend to compete at the World XC Championships in Uganda in March.  Rory was 6th place with a 30:07 10k on grass and mud!  Great job Rory and congrats!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Thanksgiving and November 21-26

Big thanks to all athletes and parent who came to the banquet last week, and to all those who helped with prep and take down.  Special thanks to Deborah Bracken and those who decorated for the banquet! 

This is the last major week before Foot Locker, so make it a good one.  Some of you have really slacked in your training a bit, and others have done well.  Hope to see you all out everyday we can train up until Foot Locker.  Hopefully you all registered for your races at Foot Locker, because the prices shot up last week.  There is a Moratorium for us Thursday through Saturday, so you will be on your own.  
Please get the Foot Locker permission slip HERE to Coach Barnes ASAP if you haven't already.  

Monday - 3:20pm @ Rosecrest

Tuesday -  3:10pm @ Monarch Meadows - Turkey Bowl anyone?!

Wednesday - 8:30am @ Rosecrest Park 

Thursday - Happy Thanksgiving!   Run a race or do a 3 mile tempo run

Friday - Run on your own

Saturday - Run on your own

We are super proud of Herriman Alumni Rory Linkletter for earning All-American honors at NCAA XC Nationals on Saturday! Congrats Rory!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Banquet and November 14-19

The XC Banquet is this Friday November 18th at 6:00pm in the High School Tech Atrium.  Cost is $11 per person and that amount needs to be paid in the Main Office into the XC Club Account by Wednesday November 16th so we can have count for our caterers.  Please give the receipt to Coach Barnes.  Dress will be nice dress and Sunday dress for Athletes.  At $11 a person we are not going to get a bunch of extra food, we need a count The Banquet is Sunday dress (boys in shirts and ties and girls in dresses and skirts).
Let people know that might not be paying attention to the blog.

Pay attention to the weather and dress appropriate for practices.  Even though the weather will turned cold it does not mean that you can slack with hydration, sleep, and nutrition.  Doing core and stretching on your own will help too.  Let's work hard and be smart for the next 3 weeks so that Foot Locker is a good experience and then you can take a break!  Some of you have missed a lot of practice and are pushing not going because of not being at practice.  Change your ways!

Please turn varsity uniforms into Coach Barnes ASAP.  Please wash them and put them in a baggy with your name on it.

Please get the Foot Locker permission slip HERE to Coach Barnes ASAP.  Hopefully you all signed up for the race before yesterday because the price just went way up!

Monday - 3:20pm @ Stake Center on Juniper Crest by the gas station

Tuesday -  3:20pm @ Monarch Meadows

Wednesday - Foot Locker Time Trials 3:20pm @ Rosecrest Park

Thursday - 3:20pm @ Monarch Meadows

Friday - NO Practice - run on your own 30-40 minutes.  Banquet is at 6:00pm.  We need to set up tables and chairs right after school.

Saturday-  8:00 @ Monarch Meadows  Or run a 5k race on your own.

November 7-12

Please get any pictures from the season to Coach Shaw ASAP.  Email them to: or put them on a flash drive or CD and give them to him on Thursday.  

Make sure to sign up for your race HERE this week, because the fee goes up Saturday.

The Banquet will be Friday November 18th and details of dress, cost per plate, etc. will follow. 

Results from AF Pre-Foot Locker are up on the schedule and results page.

Foot Locker
Those going to Foot Locker need to be at practice everyday we have it.   And the days we do not have practice you need to be training on your own or together.  You should be running everyday and hitting your allotted miles for the week.  If you don't know what mileage you should be hitting then you haven't talked to Coach Barnes or been at practice like you should.  If we coaches are going to use our personal time to coach you then you need to make it a priority to be at practice everyday.  The rule is at least 80% of the time or you can't go to Foot Locker.  You should strive for 100% of the time!  We are going to take role up until we leave, if you are not a regular at practice and putting in the effort to go to Foot Locker and race hard then we won't take you with us.  It is a fun trip, but we go down to California to race not just to play.  We sure didn't come close to having all of the athletes that are going to Foot Locker at AF yesterday.
Monday - 3:20pm @ Monarch Meadows

Tuesday - On your own

Wednesday -  Davis Pre-Nike Meet 4:00pm @ Layton Park (directly west of Layton High).  NO cost!  Girls and Boys will race together.  High School will be out early that day so most of you have time to get there in and get a good warm up in.  There is not a bus, so carpool or get your own ride.  Plan on an hour drive.  Those that can't go should do a workout at the HS.  Talk to Coach Barnes about what that will be.

Thursday - 3:20pm @ Mouth of Butterfield Canyon

Friday - On your own

Saturday - 8:00am @ Jordan River Parkway off of 12600 South

Sunday, October 30, 2016

October 31 - November 5

We have decided to go option 2 for Foot Locker and go Thurs-Sat as planned, but go to Knotts Berry Farm on Saturday instead of Disneyland. This will be better for our group and cheaper for everone.  The $31 for Knotts Berry is due with the balance of the travel money.  This Foot Locker money is due to Coach Barnes no later than Wednesday November 2.  The balance (which includes Knotts Berry) is $281 if you paid the $50 deposit.  Make checks out to Provo High.  

Those going to Foot Locker need to make a valiant effort to be at practice every time. Now that it is a new Quarter we will start taking role.  At least 80% attendance at practice is expected.  Foot Locker is a fun trip, but we are going there to race!
If you have room requests let Coach Barnes know ASAP.  There will be 4 per room.  You all need to log at least 25 miles a week.  We would encourage you to log runs on Strava which you can access from the link at the top left that say repot mileage.

The XC Banquet will be November 18th at the High School Tech Atrium.  More details to follow.

Monday - Halloween Run 3:45pm @ Monarch Meadows - wear your best costume!

Tuesday - 3:20pm @ Rosecrest

Wednesday -3:20pm @ Rosecrest, Foot Locker balance due!

Thursday -  3:20pm @ Rosecrest

Friday - On your own or get together

Saturday - Pre-Foot Locker meet at AF High.  You need to get your own ride to the meet and the cost is $3.  Be there in plenty of time to register and warm up.
Girls race - 8:30am
Boys race - 9:00am

Monday, October 24, 2016

Post Season

Thanks to Wintertons, Myers, Dartons, and Jenkins for the great team dinner last week!   

Thanks to those that came to State and supported our girls team and Adam. Girls started the season 6th in the Region and finished the season 6th in the State!

Foot Locker money is due next Wednesday November 2, but you don't have to wait to get it to Coach Barnes, the sooner the better.   The sooner our money is in the sooner we get dibs on the hotel. The balance is $250 if you paid the $50 deposit.  Make checks out to Provo High.  Theme park money is also due, but wait until we figure out what option we want.  We will take a vote this week to see which of the 3 options everyone prefers.  Right now most seem to be leaning toward the traditional Thurs-Sat with Knotts Berry Farm instaed on Disney.  The cost for us to do this is only $31 compared to $95.

There are still a couple of Foot Locker spots available, but the full amount is due on the due date.

Those going to Foot Locker are expected to be at practices and on days we don't have practice you should workout on your own.  Everyone should be in good shape for Foot Locker when we go.  We will meet 3-4 times per week, mostly for workouts.

The banquet is set for Friday November 18.  More details to follow.  Please email Coach Shaw at with your pics from season and summer so he can have time to put our end of season slide show together.

Monday - On your own

Tuesday  - On your own

Wednesday - 3:20pm @ Monarch Meadows (optional)

Thursday - On your own

Friday -  9:00am @ Monarch

Saturday - No practice, run on your own

Sunday, October 16, 2016

State Championships

Congrats to Corbin Romney and Emma Loftus for being awarded Academic All-State for XC!  They have been varsity athletes and maintained a 4.0 GPA.  Thanks for your excellent examples of what a student athlete is all about.  They will receive this award after the girl's and boy's races at State.  This is the first time we have had both a boy and girl receive this award in the same season.

Those interested in going to Foot Locker, the first $50 is due on October 18, this Tuesday.  Checks need to be made out to PROVO HIGH, not Herriman!  GIVE CHECKS TO COACH BARNES, DO NOT pay in the main office.  You don't have to wait to pay the full amount but it would be wise to wait to see which option we decide, so we suggest just paying the deposit for now.  More info is on the Foot Locker Page above.  If you think you might have some credit left from snap or sponsor fundraising talk to Coach Barnes and we should be able to put it toward the balance after the $50 down payment.  We are looking at 2 other options this year.  Option 2 would be Thursday - Saturday going to Knotts Berry Farm instead of Disneyland, cost would be $31 to $95.  Option 3 would be go Wedneday-Saturday and do Disneyland on Thursday, cost would be the same but $80 for Disney.  Option 3 would be harder for coaches and chaperones.

We would like to have the entire team come to support our Varsity Girls and Adam on Wednesday.  However, ONLY those who have attended practice since Region will be checked out by Coach Barnes and ride the bus.  Please plan on coming to cheer if you are able.  Buses will leave at 11:45am.  

Team dinner this week will be Tuesday night at 6:00pm.  Bring $2.  13857 Mary Loraine Circle, Herriman.

Monday - 3:15pm @ Monarch Meadows

Tuesday - 3:15pm @ Monarch Meadows
Team Dinner

Wednesday - State Championships @ Sugarhouse Park.  Girl's race is at 2:00pm and Adam's race is at 3:30pm.  Buses will leave at 11:45am

Run on your own the rest of the week or take a break if you haven't yet and we will start practice next week for Foot Locker.