Sunday, March 22, 2015

March 23-28

PG Meet has been canceled!  We will have practice as usual at the HS. 

Results for the meets are posted on the Schedule and Results Page on the Track Blog.  Also, Records and Grade Level Records are up to date.

We have a meet at Pleasant Grove Wednesday at 3:30pm

Pine View is Friday and Saturday, and we will leave Thursday afternoon about 1:00pm. Coach Haag needs paperwork and receipts for those going by Monday.  Talk to him if you have any questions on that.
Distance Practice Schedule
Monday - Monarch Meadows @ 3:15pm

Tuesday - Daybreak Lake (SE Bridge) @ 3:15pm

Wednesday - HS @ 3:15pm

Thursday -  Black Ridge Reservoir at @ 3:15pm

Friday - On your own because of Pine View and Prom

Saturday - Monarch Meadows @ 8:00am

Sunday, March 15, 2015

March 16-21

Make sure to get on and vote for Lucy.  Use the info in the last post.

Buses to Davis meets and AF meet leave from HS at 1:00pm.

Distance Practice Schedule
Monday - HS @ 3:15pm 

Tuesday - Varsity Girls @ Davis, Everyone else at Monarch Meadows.

Wednesday - Varsity Boys @ Davis,  Girls and JV Boys at AF.

Thursday -  Black Ridge Reservoir at @ 3:15pm

Friday - Monarch Meadows @ 3:15pm

Saturday - Monarch Meadows @ 8:00am

Super Meet Time Schedule

*Events will be moved ahead when possible

3:00       Pole Vault

High Jump

Long Jump
Shot Put (F-W: 3:00-3:45; A-E: 3:45-4:30.  Top 9 will advance to the finals at 4:30)
Discus (A-E: 3:00-3:45; F-W: 3:45-4:30.  Top 9 will advance to the finals at conclusion of Shot Put finals)
 3:00       100/110m HURDLES
3:15       100m DASH
3:40       1600m RUN
4:05       4x100m RELAY
4:15       400m DASH
4:30       300m HURDLES
4:45       800m RUN
5:00       Medley RELAY
5:20       200m DASH
5:40       3200m RUN
5:55       4x400m RELAY
6:10       4x800m RELAY
6:30       Presentation of Awards

Thursday, March 12, 2015

State of Sport Award

Athletes, parents, and family members, 
Get on and vote for Lucy Biles for this award!  We need to support our own and our sport in this.  I get tired of other sports getting all of the spotlight.  Timo Mostert from AF is up for Coach of the Year, and AF Boys XC is up for Team of the Year, please support them as well.  You might be able to get on multiple devices and vote multiple times, do it if you can. 
--Coach Barnes

Sunday, March 8, 2015

March 9-14

Make sure to get all of your Eligibility done this week and turned into Coach Haag. 

Distance Practice Schedule
Monday - HS @ 3:15pm We will be doing Time Trials (1 Mile and 400m)

Tuesday - Trail head at end of Juniper Crest @ 3:15pm

Wednesday - Monarch Meadows  @ 3:15pm

Thursday -  HS @ 3:15pm

Friday - HS @ 3:15pm

Saturday - Jordan River Parkway off of 12600 S and 1000 W @ 8:00am

Sunday, March 1, 2015

March 2-7

Distance Practice Schedule
Monday - Monarch Meadows @ 3:15pm

Tuesday - Trail head at end of Juniper Crest @ 3:15pm

Wednesday - Monarch Meadows @ 8:00am
3:15pm at HS for Freshmen

Thursday -  HS @ 3:15pm

Friday - HS @ 3:15pm

Saturday - Monarch Meadows @ 8:30am

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Track Starts February 23-28

Track and Field starts on Monday this week!  We will meet in the High School Weight Room at 2:45pm every day. 

Spike Night at Run Gr8 Running Center in Riverton will be this Thursday Feb. 26 at 7:00-8:30pm.  Discounts are 20% off spikes, 15% off trainers, and 10% off of additional store wide items.  So if you need gear of shoes come join us at Run Gr8.

Practices will usually start at 3:10pm after the Weight Room meetings and will give time for 9th graders to get there.  We will still meet at other locations and the 9th graders would go straight to the meeting location.  
Distance Practice Schedule
Monday - High School @ 3:10pm

Tuesday - HS @ 3:10pm Fitness Room (upstairs)

Wednesday - Monarch Meadows @ 3:10pm

Thursday - Daybreak Lake @ 3:10pm

Friday - Monarch Meadows @ 3:10pm

Saturday -  Jordan River Parkway @ 8:30am
About 1000 West and 12600 South

Sunday, February 15, 2015

February 16-21

We will have a Parent Meeting at the High School on Wednesday the 18th at 6:00pm in the Cafeteria.

Distance Challenge results are HERE and on the Track Blog.  Good job to those who went and raced.  We had several PRs and we haven't even started yet.

Monday -Yellow Fork Canyon @ 8:30am (could be chilly in the morning).  Meet in the Parking lot at the Mouth of the Canyon

Tuesday - Monarch Meadows @ 3:20pm

Wednesday - HS @ 3:00pm Fitness Room upstairs
Parent Meeting for Track at HS 6:00pm

Thursday - Monarch Meadows @ 3:20pm

Friday -Daybreak Lake @ 3:20pm

Saturday - Monarch Meadows @ 8:30am