Sunday, November 26, 2017

Foot Locker and November 27 - December 2

Thanks to those who have turned in your forms and insurance info so far.  Those of you who have not done so need to get everything to Coach Barnes Monday November 27.  This includes: notarized parent consent form, copy of insurance card, and parent approval form (the one we handed out at the banquet).  If you are missing any of these please get them in Monday.  
Good job to those who have put in the time and effort to going to California, and not just having fun, but racing well. 

Monday - 3:20pm @ Monarch Meadows

Tuesday - 3:20pm @ Monarch Meadows

Wednesday - 3:20pm @ Rosecrest Park

Thursday - Leave HS to California at 6:00am from Herriman

So because we purchased a day pass to Knotts Berry Farm the cost was $49 per ticket instead of $34 for the night pass they offered last year, so we need everyone to pay an extra $15.  Please do this ASAP in the main office and give the receipt to Coach Barnes.  Sorry for the inconvenience and extra cost.

 A couple of things to know for newbies:
  •  We are staying at the La Quinta Inn in Pomona CA.
  •  You need money for food and snacks, other than the breakfasts provided by the hotel.
  • I have to have the permission slip signed, along with the other paperwork, and in my hands Monday before we leave.
  • Don't forget your running shoes and racers.  You might want road shoes or blank spikes in your spikes for the race.
  • You will be school excused, but still need to talk to your teachers and get any work missed.
  • You need to be caught up on classwork and assignments before you leave.
  • Do NOT test rules on this trip, especially in the hotels or you will be going home via parents.
  • We will get back to the HS late Sunday night.
  • Let's go have fun, race hard, and be the most respectful and well behaved team there!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Thanksgiving and Novemeber 20-25

Big thanks to the parents (Bracken, Burrell, Miller, Vickers) who took the athletes to NXR Southwest this weekend in Casa Grande.  The team ran hard and had a good experience at a major championship meet.

This is the last major week before Foot Locker, so make it a good one.  Some of you have slacked a little in your training, and others have done well, but regardless everyone is in need of a solid week.  Hope to see you all out everyday that we can train, up until Foot Locker.  Hopefully you all registered for your races at Foot Locker, because the prices shot up last week.  There is a Moratorium for us Thursday through Saturday, so you will be on your own.  

Please get the Foot Locker permission slip with a copy of insurance card to Coach Barnes ASAP if you haven't already.   Also the form stating that parents are in favor of the trip need to be turned in at this time.

Monday - 3:20pm @ Rosecrest Park

Tuesday -  3:2pm @ Monarch Meadows

Wednesday - 8:30am @ Rosecrest Park 

Thursday - Happy Thanksgiving!   Run a race or do a 3 mile tempo run

Friday - Run on your own

Saturday - Run on your own

We are proud of Herriman Alumni Rory Linkletter for earning All-American honors at NCAA XC Nationals on Saturday! Congrats Rory and BYU for their 3rd place finish!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

November 13-18

Big THANKS to all of the parents and athletes who came to the Banquet on Thursday.  Special thanks to Brackens, Bristols, and Myers and anyone else who helped for the nice decorations.  Thanks to those who helped with set up and take down as well.

Foot Locker
We only have 4 more boys spots and 3 girls spots available to go with us to Foot Locker.  If you would like to go please contact Coach Barnes ASAP and get your money in and a receipt to to him.
Remember those who are going to Foot Locker need to make sure you register for the race today before the price goes up from $17 to $40.  Registration is HERE.  Register for your age group race.

The Nike Southwest Regionals are Saturday in Arizona.  Good luck to the boy's team and to other other individuals competing for Herriman at NXR Southwest!

Please strive to be at practice as often as possible and make sure you are running o your own if you can't make it.  we would also encourage you to run some local 5ks and turkey trots as well.  Since we don't have any meets it is good to stay sharp in racing.  There are Thanksgiving races everywhere and anywhere, so take advantage. Go to or the link on the left side of the blog to find local races.

Monday - 3:20pm @ Stake Center on 14550 S Juniper Crest (a block up from the Gas Station).

Tuesday - 3:20pm @ Rosecrest Park

Wednesday - 3:20pm @ Monarch Meadows Park

Thursday - 3:20pm @ Rosecrest Park

Friday - 3:20pm @ Monarch Meadows Park

Saturday - 7:30am Monarch Meadows

Alumni Report:  Congrats to Rory Linkletter for his 2nd place finish at Mountain Regionals in Logan this weekend, and leading his BYU team to a 2nd place finish and auto bid for the NCAA Championships.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Banquet, Foot Locker, Davis Pre-Nike and November 6-11

The XC Banquet is this Thursday November 9th at 6:00pm in the High School Tech Atrium.  Cost is $11 per person (anyone including parents or those attending with you) and that amount needs to be paid in the Main Office into the XC Club account by the morning of Tuesday November 8th so we can have count for our caterers by Tuesday at noon.  Please do it sooner if possible and please give the receipt to Coach Barnes ASAP. At $11 a person we are not going to get a bunch of extra food, we need a count The Banquet is Sunday dress for athletes (boys in shirts and ties and girls in dresses or skirts).
Let people know that might not be paying attention to the blog. 

Foot Locker price and deadline will be finalized tomorrow so please check back here for details.  The cost for this trip is $320 total for travel, hotel, insurance, and Knottsberry Farm (this is a few dollars cheaper than last year).
Foot Locker money needs to be paid by Friday November 10th and we will do a first come and first pay will go basis.  Because we are taking 1 bus there will be room for 48 athletes.  There were over 60 that said they wanted to go at one point, yet only about 20-25 have been showing up to practice regularly.   Whoever gets their money in (pay into the cross country account in the main office) and gets a receipt to Coach Barnes will be put on the list to go.  Once you are on the list you will need to get on a register for the race ASAP since price goes up this weekend from $17 to $40!

Pay attention to the weather and dress appropriate for practices.  Even though the weather will turn cold it does not mean that you can slack with hydration, sleep, and nutrition.  Doing core and stretching on your own will help too.  Let's work hard and be smart for the next 4 weeks so that Foot Locker is a good experience and then you can take a break!  Some of you have missed a lot of practice and are pushing not going because of not being at practice.  Change your ways!  Remember that the coaches aren't getting paid to go to practice so it is out of the goodness of their hearts to be there.

Monday - 3:20pm @ Butterfield Park

Tuesday -  3:20pm @ Monarch Meadows

Wednesday - Davis Pre-Nike meet  4:00pm
The race will start on the North East corner of the park (the intersection of Sportsplex Dr and Kays Dr).
Barnes Park
950 W 200 N
Kaysville, UT 84037
No cost, get your own rides, and boys and girls race together.  Be there in plenty of time to warm up.

Thursday - NO Practice - run on your own a minimum of 30-40 minutes.  Banquet is at 6:00pm.  We need to set up tables and chairs right after school.

Friday - No practice because of the Football Game, run on your own.   

Saturday-  7:30 @ Butterfield Canyon

Sunday, October 29, 2017

October 30 - November 4

The XC Banquet will be November 9th at 6:00pm in the High School Tech Atrium.  Cost will be $11 per meal per person, please pay in the Main Office and give Coach Barnes a receipt.  We have just over a week to get a head count to the caterers.  At $11 a meal we won't get many extra meals so please take care of this before, we don't want any day of  payments and RSVPs, thanks.

So we have a bus scheduled for Foot Locker and the travel lady at the District is working on hotels.  Check the blog later this week for more details on Foot Locker.
Those planning on going to Foot Locker need to make a valiant effort to be at practice every time. Now that it is a new Quarter we will start taking role.  At least 80% attendance at practice is expected.  Foot Locker is a fun trip, but we are going there to race!
If you have room requests let Coach Barnes know ASAP.  There will be 4 per room.  You all need to log at least 25 miles a week. We would encourage you to log runs on Strava. 

If anyone wants a blue parent/family shirt we still have some and will sell them for $7 which is less than cost.  We have a few cardinal red (same as in the spirit pack) shirts too.  Let Coach Barnes know.

Monday - 3:20pm @ Butterfield Park

Tuesday - 3:20pm @ Rosecrest

Wednesday - 3:20pm @ Butterfield Park

Thursday -  3:20pm @ Mouth of Butterfield Canyon

Friday - 3:20pm @ Monarch Meadows

Saturday - Pre-Foot Locker meet at AF High.  You need to get your own ride to the meet and the cost is $3.  Be there in plenty of time to register and warm up.
Girls race - 8:30am
Boys race - 9:00am

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Post Season

Congrats to our boys team for bringing home the 2nd place trophy from 6A State last Wednesday!  It was a solid performance with no previous State experience. It looks like the boys will get to compete at NXN Southwest next month.
Good job by our girls who competed at State, they placed 7th.  Also, congrats to Hunter Ramsey, Katelyn Moody, and Emma Cummings for receiving the Academic All-State award.

Thanks to the Myers, Vickers, Robertson, Anguiano, Gamero, Messel, Rousey, and Pace families for a great end of season team dinner last week!   

Thanks to all those that came to State and supported our girls and boys teams. 

Those who would like to go to Foot Locker in December need to start training again.  We are waiting on District approval for the trip and what the total amount will be still, but will have that information here soon.  If you would like to go please go to our Foot Locker page and fill out the survey if you haven't yet. 
We will probably take the first 48-50 kids that pay first and have actually been training and at practice...keep this in mind.  You don't train you don't go!

We will have our XC Banquet in a couple of weeks.  Thursday November 9th at 6:00pm in the Tech Atrium is the current scheduled time.  More details on cost of meal, etc. coming soon.

Those that have pics from State or the season, please email them to Coach Shaw @

Monday - 3:30pm @ Yellow Fork Canyon

Tuesday - 3:20pm @ Rosecrest Park

Wednesday - 3:20pm @ Monarch Meadows Park

Thursday - 3:20pm @ Butterfield Park

Friday - Halloween Run 9:00am @ Monarch Meadows Park.  Come dressed up!  Prizes for best costumes.

Saturday-  8:00am @ Dimple Dell trail head (10300 S and 1300 E, Sandy)

Sunday, October 15, 2017

State Championships

Congrats to Hunter Ramsey, Katelyn Moody, and Emma Cummings for being awarded Academic All-State for XC!  They have been varsity athletes and maintained a 4.0 GPA.  Thanks for your excellent examples of what a student athlete is all about.  They will receive this award after the girl's and boy's races at State. This is the first time we have had three athletes get this award in one year.

Those interested in going to Foot Locker please get on our Foot Locker Page and let us know if you can go by taking the survey.

We would like to have the entire team come to support our Varsity Girls and Varsity Boys on Wednesday.  Please plan on coming to cheer if you are able.  Buses will leave at 12:10pm.  

Team dinner this week will be Tuesday night at 5:30pm.  Bring $2.  14748 S White Ridge Cove, west coordinate is 6775.  The Myers, Vicker, Robertson, Anguiano, Gamero, Messel, Rousey, and Pace families will be hosting. 

Monday - 3:20pm @ Rosecrest Park

Tuesday - 3:20pm @ Rosecrest Park
Team Dinner

Wednesday - State Championships @ Sugarhouse Park.  
6A Girl's 2:30pm
6A Boys 4:00pm  
Buses will leave at 12:00pm

Run on your own the rest of the week or take a break if you haven't yet and we will start practice next week for Nike SW and Foot Locker. 

Congrats to Herriman Alumni Rory Linkletter for his big win at Pre-Nationals in Louisville yesterday.  23:08 for the 8K race!  HERE is the video.  Congrats to his BYU Men's team for their amazing season so far.  Best of luck at Regionals and Nationals!