Sunday, September 14, 2014

September 15-20

Congrats to the runners of the week!
Varsity Boy - Jordan Nestman
Varsity Girl - Madi Littleford
JV Boy - Jackson Blank
JV Girl - Hannah McKane

Congrats to Adam Wood for earning his Little Grinder shirt!

Huge THANKS to all the Parents for your help on Friday!  You were all awesome and we put on a great meet because of you. That was probably the best Parent support we have ever had!  Also, Thanks to Mike Bradshaw for all his help with the meet and for letting us use Sorenson's property for the event.
You athletes helped a lot too and we appreciate that, and several of you very ran well.  We just need to be respectful at our own Awards Ceremony, so we will talk about that on Monday.

Thanks to Deanna Jex and the boys from our team that volunteered at the Big Cottonwood Marathon and Half on Saturday!  They were super appreciative of all your work.

We need 2 sets of 5-7 volunteers for Thursday afternoon to help at the Midas Creek Elementary Fun Run from 4:45pm-6:00pm and 6:00pm-7:15pm. You will mostly be running with the little kids and helping them. If you are interested let Coach Barnes know Monday at practice.

Thanks to Nestmans, Webbs, Tarrs, and Jex, for hosting our team dinner last week!  

Team Dinner this week will be at the park on 13000 S. 5900 W. at 6:00pm.  Bring $2.

Parents shirts and sweatshirts are in and need to be picked up at practice or from Coach Barnes at school.

30 Day Plank and Leg Lift Challenge starts Monday! 

HERE is a little bit on the Motha Cussa and our Invite from Milesplit.

Monday - 3:10pm @ Monarch Meadows

Tuesday - 3:15pm @ Blackridge Reservoir

Wednesday - 3:10pm @ HS

Thursday - 3:15pm @ Trail head at end of Juniper Crest 

Friday - 3:10pm @ Monarch Meadows

Saturday- Viking Invite @ Pleasant Grove, Buses will leave at 7:20am
9:00  JV Jr & Sr Girls  
9:30  JV Jr & Sr Boys
10:00 Varsity Girls
10:30 Varsity Boys
11:00 JV Fr & So Girls
11:30 JV Fr & So Boys

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Herriman Invite and September 8-13

Congrats to the runners of the week!
Varsity Boy - Stockton Enger
Varsity Girl -Michelle Stanley
JV Boy - Levi Timothy
JV Girl - Emma Cummings

Herriman Invite is this Friday!  We have a lot of work to do on the course still, mostly touch up stuff, and need everyone's help.  We need parent and volunteer help for Friday as well.  We will have a parent meeting at the trail head at the end of Juniper Crest on Wednesday evening at 6:30pm.  Those who would like to help and can't make it that night can contact Coach Barnes by phone or email.  We will have plenty of things for everyone to help with, and the more help the better! 

Athletes, plan on doing course work after practice a couple of nights this week.  You will need rakes, shovels, and gloves.  We will plan on Monday and Wednesday for 45 minutes to an hour each time.  Remember in order to Letter or get the 1/4 PE credit you have to log at least 10 hours of service, course work counts for that.  We are keeping track of hours.

We need 5-7 volunteer for Saturday morning to help at the Big Cottonwood Marathon and Half from 7:00-10:00am.  If you are interested let Coach Barnes know.

Thanks to Braithwaites, Glasseys and Drurys for hosting our team dinner last week!  

Team Dinner on Thursday at 6:00pm at the Rose Canyon Stake Center 7079 W. Rose Canyon Road, if bad weather it will b at Nestman's 7077 W. Andres Peak Court Herriman.

Monday - 3:10pm @ Monarch Meadows

Tuesday - 3:15pm @ Blackridge Reservoir

Wednesday - 3:15pm @ Trail head at end of Junipercrest 
Work on course after practice

Thursday - 3:10pm @ Monarch Meadows  
Team Dinner at 6:00pm

Friday -Herriman Invite @ 4:00pm All athletes should plan on getting there at 2:30pm, you will be excused a little early that day.  The address is: 14868 S. Juniper Crest, Herriman.
Fresh/Soph Boys 4:00pm
JV Girls 4:30pm
JV Boys 5:15pm
Varsity Girls 5:45pm
Varsity Boys 6:15pm

Saturday- 8:00am @ Monarch Meadows

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Pre Region and September 1-6

Congrats to the runners of the week!
Varsity Boy - Adam Wood
Varsity Girl -Miriam Briggs
JV Boy - Austyn Poulson
JV Girl - Ashlee Goldhradt
Great job by those who raced on Saturday.  We saw a lot better performances than last week at Highland.  Congrats to our girls for winning the Invite and good job to the boys for a solid 3rd place performance.  Also, everyone hit their jersey times!

Remember that our Invite is on September 12 and we need to get out and do some work on the course soon.  Plan on bringing tools and working a couple of times in the next two weeks.  Also, we will need parent and volunteer help that day to help run the meet.  Last year was crazy because of the rain, but we still put on a great meet.  We need extra help to do it again.
Thanks to the Roth family for hosting our Team Dinner last week!

Team Dinner hosted by Braithwaites, Drurys, and Glasseys on Thursday at 6:00pm at Morning Cloak Park.  Bring a dessert or $2.
3664 S. Bluewing Way

Monday - 8:00am @ Monarch Meadows

Tuesday - 3:10pm @ Monarch Meadows

Wednesday - Pre-Region @ AF High. Buses will leave at 5:30pm.
Girls Race 7:00pm
Boys Race 7:30pm

Thursday - 3:10pm @ Monarch Meadows  

Friday - USU Aggie Invite in Logan.  Buses will leave at 1:00pm (Middle Schoolers will checkout at 12:10pm).  1400 N. 1000 E. Logan.
Rookie Girls 4:00pm
Rookie Boys 4:30pm
JV Girls 5:00pm
JV Boys 5:30pm
Varsity Girls 5:55pm
Varsity Boys 6:20pm

Saturday- 8:00am @ Monarch Meadows

Alumni Report:  Kami Hartley ran 21:40 in her college debut at UVU this weekend.  She placed 35th in the race and was 10th for UVU.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Schools Starts and August 25-30

Congrats to the runners of the week!
Varsity Boy - Isaac White
Varsity Girl -Milee Enger
JV Boy - Rylan Stay
JV Girl - Emma Loftus

We had a busy week and last week!  Thanks to all those who came to time trials, spike night, and the meet.  We had a great turnout at all the events.

Spirit Packs- Last call for spirit packs!  We are sending in the order for spirit packs Monday morning.  If you have decided to get a spirit pack last minute or haven't gotten a receipt to Coach Barnes then do it and get him your sizes by 10:00am.  WE ARE NOT DOING AN ADDITIONAL ORDER!

Parent Shirts- If you are interested in a parent sweatshirt for this year they can be viewed on the mock up with the shirt HERE.  We will be taking orders for these until Tuesday afternoon this week.   If you would like to purchase one they are $35 and shirts are $10 and need to be paid for in the main office and receipt and sizes given to Coach Barnes (NOTE that women's sweatshirts are junior sizes so in some cases you might want to size up 1 size).

Fundraising needs to be turned in by Wednesday if you have more sponsors so that we have time to get banners and other items made up for meets and games.

Team Dinner hosted by Roths on Thursday at 5:30pm.  Bring Dessert or $2.  Pool Party if weather permits. 

Monday - 3:10pm @ Monarch Meadows 

Tuesday - 3:10pm @ Monarch Meadows

Wednesday - 3:10pm @ Rosecrest Park

Thursday - 3:10pm @ Monarch Meadows  

Friday - 3:10pm @ Monarch Meadows  

Saturday- Utah County Invite @ Lakeside Park (400 South 1850 west Orem) Buses will leave at 7:10am from the HS.
  1. Frosh.Soph Girls -                  9:00  am
  2. Frosh/Soph Boys -             9:40  am
  3. Junior/Senior Girls -         10:10 am
  4. Junior/Senior Boys -         10:50 am
  5. Awards -                         11:45 am

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Start of the Season and August 18-23

Time Trials will be at the High School Track Monday Night.  Start showing up around 7:30pm.  Plan on doing this for your Family Night and bring the whole family.  We will introduce the coaches, captains, and team, have a parent meeting while the kids are warming up, and the races will be run under the lights.  The parent meeting will be at about 8:00pm.  Everyone bring a treat to share for after the race (fruit and healthier treats are also good to bring).
Parents, we also have new parent shirts with our new logo that you can purchase for $10.  We still have a few Stampede shirts left that we will be selling for $6 after that.  We will have the shirts at the Time Trials.  You can purchase them there with cash or check while supplies last.  
If you are interested in a parent sweatshirt for this year they can be viewed on the mock up with the shirt HERE.  We will be taking orders for those this week if you would like to purchase one.

Spike Night at RUN GR8 will be on the Wednesday the 20th, the night before our first meet.  If you are new or need new spikes this would be a great time to get spikes for the season.  There will be discounts on trainers as well.

Thanks to Jorgensens for hosting our end of summer BBQ on Saturday!

Athletes need to finish eligibility so they can race at Highland on Thursday, so get it in all together ASAP if you haven't yet.  After you pay for your uniform you need to get Coach Barnes your size.   Check out the last post for more info.  YOU CANNOT COMPETE UNTIL EVERYTHING IS TURNED IN!

Monday - AM- Run 2-3 miles easy on your own
PM- Time Trials - 7:30pm @ HS.   Bring trainers and spikes
Races will start at Dark.

Tuesday -  7:00am @ HS

Wednesday - 3:30pm @ HS
PM- Spike Night @ Run Gr8 7:00pm

Thursday - Highland Invite @ 4:00pm at Sugarhouse Park.  Bus will leave north side of HS at 2:15pm (be there by 2:00pm).
  1. Frosh.Soph Boys -                  4:00  pm
  2. Frosh/Soph Girls -             4:25  pm
  3. Junior Varsity Boys   -       4:50  pm
  4. Junior Varsity Girls   -       5:15  pm
  5. Varsity Boys  -                5:45  pm
  6. Varsity Girls -                6:10 pm
Friday - 3:30pm @ Monarch Meadows 

Saturday- 7:30am @ Monarch Meadows

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Last Week of Summer Practice August 11-16

First of all BIG THANKS to all the parents who helped with the Stampede on Saturday!  That might have bean the best parent support we have ever had.   You were awesome!  Good job to the athletes that went out and got good prizes for the race and for all those who helped out.  The race went smoothly and everyone seemed to have a good time.  Thanks to our SBOs and LDS Missionaries for their help too.  Results are up on the Stampede Page.

Eligibility is due Friday.  Check out the Eligibility Page for instructions and please get it done.  Don't forget the team Disclosure HERE.

Spirit Packs are ready to order.  HERE is the mock up to give you a little idea.  More info is on the Eligibility Page.  These need to be paid for in the main office.  They are $150 and additional items are extra.  Sizes need to be given to Coach Barnes with your receipt.  The gear is way nice this year, even better than past years and the best swag to date.  We would like everyone to have a spirit pack and you will want one too.  We will not order extra or do additional orders.

Uniforms need to be paid for in the main office as well.  They are $45 this year and sizes need to be given to Coach Barnes with your receipt. Use the office pay form on the Eligibility Page when you go into the office if you can.

If you have gotten a sponsor and have turned the money into the main office then you can talk to Coach Barnes about using it toward Fees, Spirit Pack, Uniforms, etc..  You can still get sponsors at anytime, but we cannot reimburse you for any past purchases after the fact.

Team BBQ this weekend at Jorgensens. If you did not sign up to bring something then bring $2.

Spike Night at RUN GR8 will be on the 20th the night before the first meet.  If you are new or need new spikes this would be a great time to get spikes for the season.

Monday - 6:45am @ Monarch Meadows
PM- Rosecrest Park @ 4:00pm

Tuesday - 4:00pm @ Rosecrest Park

Wednesday -  6:45am @ Daybreak Lake (southeast bridge)

Thursday - 6:45am @ Butterfield Canyon
PM- Rosecrest Park @ 4:00pm 

Friday - 6:45am @ Monarch Meadows

Saturday- TBA
Team BBQ  @ 6:00pm at Jorgensen's (14133 Ensign Peak Circle)

Friday, August 8, 2014

Stampede Details

We are still in need of a few parents to help out at the race, if you are available we can use you somewhere.  

Last push for prizes today!  Also tell your friends, family, and acquaintances to come run.

All athletes need to be at the race to run and help tomorrow.  If you have gotten your 5 prizes and/or 5 people to run you will be given a race shirt and entered into the drawing.  If you haven't then you will need to pay for the race like everyone else in order to get a shirt and be in the drawing.  We have a list of who needs to do what, but you all know where you stand anyway.  Everyone needs to run the race regardless of whether you got your stuff done or paid.  Athletes HAVE to get a number to run, so make sure you get one at Run Gr8 today from 4:00pm-7:00pm or first thing in the morning at packet pickup.

Athletes should be at the school by 6:00am to help set up registration and anything else that needs to get done.