Sunday, September 17, 2017

September 18-23

Congrats to this week's runners of the week:
Varsity Boy - Kyler Miller
Varsity Girl - Becca Romney
JV Boy - Bridger Isbell
JV Girl - Lauren Heninger

Last week's UIAAA Invite in Spanish Fork ended up being a great meet for our team.  The weather cleared up and the course was fast and easy, so most of our athletes had big PRs and ran really well.  Congrats to all of those who ran so good.  Now that we have seen you run that well there are no excuses from here on out.  Varsity boys and girls won the meet and both Frosh/Soph boys and JV boys perfect scored their races, and a lot of the Frosh/Soph girls and JV girls had big races.  We had overall race winners in all 3 boys races (Josh, Gable, and Nick) and Mica won the girl's Varsity race.  What a fun meet to watch, if you are Herriman!  Coach Biles posted other pics on the Facebook page of others who medaled on Friday.

Thanks to Lunts, Barneys, and Winders for a good Team Dinner last Thursday!  Thanks to all those families who brought post race goodies on Friday too.

This week we head back down to Spanish Fork to the Nebo Invite at Maple Mountain on Friday.  

Spirit Packs should be in toward the beginning of the week.

Remember to be work horses this week and make sure your grades are up during school.  You should not be missing practice either.  

Log your miles everyday!

The weather looks up and down and all over this week, so be prepared.

Team Dinner will be held at Winterton's (13857 Mary Loraine Circle, Herriman) at 6:00pm on Thursday and hosted by Wintertons, Wheelers, Bullocks, and Rays. Bring $2.

We need 7-10 volunteers (for each shift) to go help with the Midas Creek Fun Run on Thursday.  Shift 1: 5:00pm - 6:15pm.  Shift 2: 6:15 pm - 7:30pm.  This will count as 3 hours of team service for the 1.5 hour shifts.  There will be plenty of food left at the team dinner for our volunteers.

Monday - 3:20pm @ Butterfield Park

Tuesday - 3:20pm @ Butterfield Park

Wednesday - 3:20pm @ Monarch Meadows Park

Thursday - 3:20pm @ Monarch Meadows Park
Team Dinner 6:00pm

Friday - Nebo Invite @ Maple Mountain High in Spanish Fork, buses leave at 1:25pm
Frosh/Soph JV Girls Race 3:30pm
Frosh/Soph JV Boys Race 4:05pm
Jr/Sr JV Girls Race 4:30pm
Jr/Sr JV Boys Race 5:05pm
Varsity Girls Race 5:35pm
Varsity Boys Race 6:05pm

Saturday-  7:30am  Monarch Meadows Park

Sunday, September 10, 2017

September 11-16

Congrats to this week's runners of the week:
Varsity Boy - Seth Robertson
Varsity Girl - Krystal Kemp
JV Boy - Zeke Browne
JV Girl - Brooklyn Smith

Pre-Region was rough on Tuesday because of the heat and smoke, but overall Herriman did better than the other schools in our Region, and some of our athletes even did very good in poor conditions.  That will be our Championship course on October 10.

Both boys and girls did well at the Wasatch Invite on Saturday.  The girls were Invite Champs and the boys were a close 2nd (6 points) to defending the 2016 State Champs and 2nd in the Nation American Fork boys.  Our JV ran solid too, and we had some PRs even on a hilly and tough course.  Great work mustangs!

Thanks to the Bristol and Sorensen families for hosting our team dinner last week!  
Thanks to all of the parents that brought after race snacks too!

Team Dinner this week will be Thursday at 6:00pm at Lunt's house (14424 Butterfield Park Way), Barneys and Winders are helping to host.  Athletes can bring fruit or dessert. 

The Nerd Report is up to date, check it out at the link on the left.

Last call for parent and family shirts.  They are $10 and you can contact Brackens at if you would like one. 
Monday - 3:20pm @ Butterfield Park

Tuesday - 3:20pm @ Monarch Meadows Park

Wednesday - 3:20pm @ Butterfield Park

Thursday - 3:20pm @ Monarch Meadows Park
Team Dinner 6:00pm

Friday - UIAAA Invite @ Spanish Fork Sports Complex 295 W. Volunteer Drive, buses leave at 11:00am.
1:00   Frosh/Soph Girls Race
1:30   Frosh/Soph Boys Race
2:00   Jr/Sr Girls Race
2:30   Jr/Sr Boys Race
3:00   Varsity Girls race
3:30   Varsity Boys race
4:00   Awards

Saturday-  7:30am Mouth of Butterfield Canyon

Sunday, September 3, 2017

September 4-9

Congrats to this week's runners of the week:
Varsity Boy - Gable Briggs
Varsity Girl - Emma Cummings
JV Boy - Josh Perry
JV Girl - Paige Rousey

We had a good showing at USU on Friday, especially the boys team who won the Rookie race, dominated (1-7, 10, 11) the JV race, and won the Boy's Varsity 5A-6A trophy!  Josh Perry was1st in the Rookie race and Bridger Isbell 3rd, and Kyler Miller won the JV race with Gable Briggs 2nd and Austin Saunders 3rd.   Mica Rivera was 2nd in the Girl's Vartiy race and Chloe Lunt was 2nd in the JV. 

Great job by all of those who pushed themselves last week, we had several 5k PRs!  That boys JV race was one of the most fun races to watch in Herriman XC history!

Thanks to the Cummings, Saunders, Merrills, and Peterson's for hosting and putting on our Team Dinner last week!     Thanks to all the parents who brought food and snacks all the way to Logan on Friday too.  And to Brackens for our post race Pizza!  The athletes had great family support at Friday's meet!

Team Dinner Thursday at Bristol's house (5341 W Toscana Way, Herriman) 6:00pm, bring $2.

Brackens still have parent and family shirts for $10

Monday - Happy Labor Day! NO practice, but run on your own. The team captains will post the run on the groupme for those who will be in town.

Tuesday - Pre-Region @Cottonwood Complex 4400 S 1300 E, buses will leave at 1:45pm, Freshmen usually are checked out about 45 min early and High Schoolers about 20-25 min early.
Girl's Race 3:30pm
Boy's Race  4:00pm
Varsity and JV race together

Wednesday - Butterfield Park @ 3:20pm
Due to the nasty smoky air, if you are not comfortable running outdoors please let one of the coaches know and find an alternate way to get some training in, (i.e. treadmill, bike, elliptical).  We would hope you get 40-60 minutes of cardio in place of running.  Hopefully the fires will get under control and this air will clear up soon. 

Thursday - Monarch Meadows Park @ 3:20pm
Team Dinner @ 6:00pm

Friday - Monarch Meadows Park @ 3:20pm

Saturday- Wasatch Invite @ Soldier Hollow, buses will leave at 7:00am, be there a few minutes early.

9:00 am Freshman/Sophomore Girls
9:20 am Freshman/Sophomore Boys
9:40 am Junior/Senior Girls
10:00 am Junior/Senior Boys
10:20 am Varsity Girls
10:40 am Varsity Boys
11:20 Awards Ceremony, overall Varsity Girl/Boy trophy and Team Awards

Sunday, August 27, 2017

August 28 - September 2

Congrats to this week's runners of the week:
Varsity Boy - Nathan Bracken
Varsity Girl - Mica Rivera
JV Boy - Zach Twitchell
JV Girl - Katelyn Moody

Because of scheduling conflict Pre-Region has been moved to next week September 5.  Friday we will be heading north to Utah State for the Aggie Invite.  Long trip, but this will hopefully allow everyone a longer weekend with their families.

Thanks to the Briggs, Bracken, and both Twitchell families for hosting our Team Dinner last week!   Thanks to all the parents who brought food and snacks to the races on Friday!  

There are still some parent shirts available, contact Brackens if you would like one, cost is $10.  Stampede shirts are also still available from Coach Barnes for $6.

Nerd Report is up to date 

Make sure you record your mileage everyday!

Monday - Butterfield Park @ 3:20pm

Tuesday - Monarch Meadows @ 3:20pm

Wednesday - Butterfield Park @ 3:20pm

Thursday - Monarch Meadows @ 3:20pm
Team Dinner 6:00pm @ Cumming's home (5453 W. 13680 S), hosted by Cummings, Merrills, Saunders, and Petersons.  Bring a couple of dollars.

Friday - USU Aggie Invite in Logan.  Buses will leave at 12:00pm (Middle Schoolers will checkout at 11:20pm).  1400 N. 1000 E. Logan.
Rookie Boys 3:00pm
Rookie Girls 3:30pm
JV Boys (3A-4A) 4:00pm
JV Girls (4A-6A) 4:30pm
JV Boys (4A-6A) 5:00pm
Varsity Girls 5:25pm
Varsity Boys 5:55pm

Saturday- 7:45am @ Mouth of Butterfield Canyon for those who are around.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

School Starts! August 21 - 27

Office Pay Form is on the Eligibility Page and is also found HERE please use it for spirit pack orders.  You may purchase individual items as well, but will lose the whole pack discount and Coach Barnes would need to initial the pay form with the adjusted amounts. Please get spirit pack orders in by the Tuesday August 22.

We do have parent shirts this year, but weren't able to get them until the end of last week.  They will be $10 each and are unisex sizes. There will be some youth sizes available.  Brackens will be selling them this year, please pay with cash.   
The email list for parents has been compiled.  If anyone was unable to sign up last Monday OR signed up but didn't receive an email, please send an email to to be added to the list.
We will also be ordering parent hoodies with spirit packs.  Hoodies are Nike 50/50 and look the same as the shirts except they are athletic gray with blue and  will cost $35 each.  Please pay for these in the main office and give sizes and office pay form with the receipt to Coach Barnes.  These need to be ordered by August 22.

We still have some Stampede shirts left that we will be selling for only $6 each.  Coach Barnes has these shirts.

Make sure you are taking special care to eat well and regularly and hydrate really well everyday, especially with school starting.  You need to be at practice everyday and come prepared to work, no excuses!  LOG YOUR MILES EVERYDAY!

Monday - 3:20pm @ Butterfield Park (none eclipsers)

Tuesday - 3:20pm @ Rosecrest Park

Wednesday - 3:20pm @ Monarch Meadows Park

Thursday - 3:10pm @ HS Track
Team Dinner @ 14302 S. Butterfield Park Way at the Brigg's home at 6 pm. Zack Twitchell's family, Freddy Twitchell's family, the Briggs and the Brackens are hosting. The athletes can bring $2.

Friday - The Chase Invite @ Nichols Park (aka The Castle Park) Kaysville/ Fruit Heights  1200 East Nichols Road.  Buses will leave at 1:00pm because of busing schedule issues.
JV Girls 4:00pm
JV Boys will start 3 min later
Varsity Girls 4:30pm
Varsity Boys 3 min later
Varsity is top 10 and JV is everyone else.  Races are 2 miles.

Saturday- On your own or hook up on the groupme

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Time Trials, First Meet, and August 14-19

Thank you to all the parents who helped with the Stampede on Saturday!  You were awesome!  Good job to the athletes that went out and got good prizes for the race and for all those who helped out.  The race went very well and everyone seemed to have a good time.  Thanks to the Bristols and PLT for their help with breakfast.  Results are up on the Stampede Page.

Thanks to the Gerhart, Burgess, Bracken, Smith, and Gardiner families for hosting our team BBQ!

Time Trials will be at the High School Track Monday Night.  Start showing up between 7:30-7:45pm.  Plan on doing this for your Family Night and bring the whole family if you would like.  We will introduce the coaches, captains, and team, have a parent meeting while the kids are warming up, and the races will be run under the lights.  The parent meeting will be at about 8:00pm ish.  Everyone bring a treat to share for after the race (fruit and healthier treats are also good to bring).  You don't need to set treats out until after the races. 
Make sure you read the disclosure on registermyathlete, because you all sign it.  Practice is now mandatory since the season is going.  Also, we don't have tryouts but we do have minimum standards. The minimum times to wear your jersey is 27 minutes (sub 9:00 ave) on a 3 mile grass course for boys and 30 minutes (sub 10:00 ave) for girls.  This can be done on the stampede 4 miler course with the same averages or the times at Time Trials on the track are 15:30 for boys and 17:30 for girls. 

Eligibility is past due!  It was due last week on Thursday, but a lot of you still haven't turned it in, which means you will not be on the team if you don't hurry.  The season has started and we will not accept new athletes or eligibility after Time Trials.  Check out the Eligibility Page for instructions and please get it done and in at the beginning of Time Trials.  YOU CANNOT COMPETE UNTIL EVERYTHING IS TURNED IN! 

Uniforms need to be paid for in the main office.  They are $50 this year and sizes need to be given to Coach Barnes with your receipt.  This needs to be done ASAP!  You cannot compete without a uniform and this should have already been taken care of by all.  Some of you might have to wait now for uniforms because you have procrastinated so long because it takes two weeks to get them here.

Spirit Packs will be ready to order this week.  They will be $150 (which includes sales tax) for the pack and we will have some additional items that may be purchased as well.  More info is on the Eligibility Page and at the parent meeting tomorrow.  These will need to be paid for in the main office.   The office is only doing cash and card and you can pay on Skyward.  Sizes need to be given to Coach Barnes with your receipt.  The gear is is Nike and Under Armour this year and should turn out pretty cool.  We would like everyone to have a spirit pack and you will want one too, of course they are optional though.  We will not order extra or do additional orders.

If you have gotten a sponsor and have turned the money into the main office then you can talk to Coach Barnes about using it toward Spirit Pack, Uniforms, or Fees, etc..  You can still get sponsors at anytime, but we cannot reimburse you for any past purchases after the fact.  We are not doing banners any longer, and some of you missed the boat on the stampede shirts, so we would have to figure something else out.  We also have our Snap fundraiser still going on and all you have to do for that is send out 20 emails.  

Spike Night at RUN GR8 will be on the Tuesday the 15th.  If you are new or need new spikes this would be a great time to get spikes for the season.  There will be discounts on trainers as well.

Monday - AM- Run 2-3 miles easy on your own
PM- Time Trials - 7:45pm @ HS.   Bring trainers and spikes
Races will start at Dark. 2 miles on the track under the lights.  Eat an early dinner that will sit well for racing.

Tuesday -  7:00am @ Rosecrest Park
PM- Spike Night @ Run Gr8 7:00pm

Wednesday - 3:30pm @ HS

Thursday - Highland Invite @ 3:00pm at Sugarhouse Park.  Bus will leave north side of HS at 1:15pm (be there by 1:05pm).
Frosh Boys - 3:00 pm
Frosh Girls - 3:25 pm
Soph Boys - 3:50 pm
Soph Girls - 4:15 pm
JV Boys - 4:45 pm
JV Girls - 5:15 pm
Varsity Boys - 5:45 pm
Varsity Girls - 6:10 pm
Friday - 3:30pm @ Butterfield Park

Saturday- Monarch Meadows @ 7:00am (optional)

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Mustang Stampede and August 7-12

Parents, please look at the Eligibility Page on the blog.  Everything will be coming due Thursday this week and no later than Time Trials on Monday. We will also have a parent meeting before Time Trials while the athletes are warming up. Uniforms ($50) need to be paid for and sizes given to Coach Barnes ASAP.  Spirit Packs will be due the first day of school and we will have details for those items at Time Trials. Also encourage your kids to get out and get sponsors and prizes, but please don't do it for them.  

We need to get out this week and ask businesses for prizes, sponsors, and if we can advertise our race with them.  Not too many have been out yet, but those that have have done quite a bit.  We need to hit every business in the area.  Everyone should be involved and help with this race if you are going to be on this team!  We will meet in groups on a few days this week and cover the area and more.  Plan on helping with this sometime if you can.  We also need to follow up with those who have asked you to come back, but at the same time not keep going to the same places over and over. 
Sponsor Logos for those giving $200 or more in money or prizes need to be in by Monday.  Email those to Coach Barnes by Monday (Aug.7) at 1:00pm.  Put the money in the XC account by paying in the main office and put it under your name as a sponsor and give one of the receipts back to your sponsor.
Everyone is supposed to try to get 5 prizes and try to bring 5 people to the race, this optional, but high encouraged and recommended to help the team with this big event..  The boy and girl who get the largest amount of prizes will get a free pair of spikes or their uniform paid for.

Get out with the team, advertise, and get prizes!

We need some parents who are not running on Saturday to volunteer to help us out with the race. We will need help with registration, water stops, the chute and the finish line, breakfast, and prizes and awards after.  If you are willing to help us out please let Coach Barnes or the other coaches know ASAP.  Thanks!

Stampede Forms are HERE
Stampede Mini Flyers are HERE
Snap-raise login for those that missed is HERE 

Athletes do not need to register, but need to plan on running and bringing people to run.  You will be registered and will get a shirt and be put in the drawing for prizes when you get at least 5 prizes for the race turned in. 

We are going to have a Team BBQ hosted by the Gerhart, Burgess, Smith, Gardiner, and Bracken families at 13627 Morning Cloak Way @ 6:00pm Saturday.  There are no food assignments but athletes need to bring $2.

Don't forget to report your mileage!

Monday- 7:00am @ Butterfield Park

Tuesday- 4:00pm @ Daybreak Lake (south/east bridge)

Wednesday- 7:00am @ Herriman High Track
                     4:00pm @ Rosecrest Park

Thursday- 4:00pm @ Rosecrest Park

Friday- 7:00am @ Monarch Meadows Park
Packet Pickup at Run Gr8 4:00pm - 7:00pm (We need some to volunteer for this, 2 shifts)

Saturday- 6:00am @ Herriman High
Race starts at 7:15am

Sponsors from the last 3 years that have given $200 +.
Chick Fil A
Genesis Dental
Herriman Towne Center
Prime Lending – Dan Davidson
State Farm – TJ Olson
Chillz Frozen Yogurt
Pizza Plus
Arrowhead: Remote Power Solutions
Native Nations
Copper Valley Construction
H2J Environmental, LLC
Stampin Up
Mountain America Credit Union
Southridge Pediatric Dental – David Roth
City Works
Vantus Law Group
ACE Alan Christensen Enterprises
John Paras Furniture
B & V Pest Control
Mrs. Fields Gifts
Mountain Orthopaedics, LLC
KO Bracelet Co.
CFC Connectors for Construction, LLC
Academy Sports
Horsley Orthodontics
Lighthouse Dental
Only Half Crazy Half Marathon
Jen Korth Photography
Great Clips
Jones Excavating Co.
Certified Fire Protection
Ironman Ironworks
Salsa Leedos
Renew Gold
Clayton’s Tire Pros
Copper Mountain Crossfit
Eaton Alliance
Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling
Elite Performance & Health Center
Academy Mortgage
Family Focused Eye Care
U of U Health Care
Elite Energy Solutions
Rosvall Orthodontics
Bout Time Pub & Grub
GSW Glassey Steel Works
Wasatch Running
26.2 Runnning