Sunday, September 25, 2016

September 26 - October 1

Congrats to this week's runners of the week:
Varsity Boy - Nathan Bracken
Varsity Girl - Emma Loftus
JV Boy - Dillon Olsen
JV Girl - Krislynne Wheeler

This week we expect to see everyone at practice and working extra hard everyday.  Only 2 more meets for those not going to State!  Remember to do the little things like: staying caught up on grades, getting to bed at a decent hour and getting enough sleep, eating good and (girls eating enough), staying hydrated, doing your core and extra exercises, staying positive, stretching and rolling out everyday, doing what the coaches and captains ask, and working extra hard in workouts! 

Thanks to Briggs for hosting our team dinner last week, and to the Barney, Carter, Freeman, and Loftus families for helping!  Thanks to the families who provided snacks at our chilly meet on Friday! 

The team dinner this week is at Hoskin's on Wednesday at 6:00pm.  12703 Starlite Hill Lane, Herriman.  Bring $2

Monday - 3:20pm @ Butterfield Park

Tuesday - 3:20pm @ Monarch Meadows

Wednesday - 8:00am or 3:20pm @ Stake Center on Juniper Crest and Mount Ogden, by the gas station.
Team Dinner, 6:00pm 

Thursday - 3:20pm @ Monarch Meadows 

Friday - @ Park City Invite, buses leaves at 12:50pm

2:45 PM: Open race for coaches, middle school, parents, community
3:30PM: Girls JV Schools A-L
4:00PM: Girls JV Schools M-Z
4:30PM: Boys JV Schools A-L
5:00PM: Boys JV Schools M-Z
5:30PM: Girls Varsity
6:00PM: Boys Varsity
6:30PM: Awards
Sunset: 7:09PM

  Address: Quinns Junction Sports Complex 600 Gillmore Way, Park City, UT (this is right off of Highway 40 @ EXIT 4)

Saturday - 7:30am @ Daybreak Lake (southeast bridge)

Sunday, September 11, 2016

September 19-24

Congrats to this week's runners of the week:
Varsity Boy - Nate Delaney
Varsity Girl - Meg Nielsen
JV Boy - Ty Vickers
JV Girl - Maria Feist

Several people have inquired about parent hoodies now that they have seen them.  We will do one more order on Friday, so let Coach Barnes know by Thursday if you want one and what size by the team dinner.  They are $30 and need to be paid for in the main office and a receipt given to Coach Barnes.  It will take a couple of weeks to get them here.

Thanks to the Tenney, Moody, Sam, and Hoffman families for hosting our team dinner last week!  
Thanks again to all of the parents that brought after race snacks, especially through all of that traffic and mess! 

Team Dinner this week will be Thursday at 6:00pm at Brigg's home, 14302 S. Butterfield Park Way Herriman.  Bring $2.

Those who haven't been logging their miles need to repent and be better.  The mileage links on the left are linked to strava now, so for those who "can't find the group" you have no excuses now.

Monday - 3:20pm @ Butterfield Park

Tuesday - 3:20pm @ Monarch Meadows Park

Wednesday - 3:20pm @ Butterfield Park

Thursday - 3:20pm @ Monarch Meadows Park
Team Dinner 6:00pm

Friday - Nebo Invite @ Salem Hills High, buses leave at 1:15pm
Frosh/Soph JV Girls Race 3:30pm
Frosh/Soph JV Boys Race 4:00pm
Jr/Sr JV Girls Race 4:30pm
Jr/Sr JV Boys Race 5:00pm
Varsity Girls Race 5:30pm
Varsity Boys Race 6:00pm

From the North: Exit I-15 at the Spanish Fork Exit 257. Turn left (South) onto Spanish Fork Main St/UT-156. Continue South through Spanish Fork and into Salem. The high school is on the right side of the road. 
Saturday-  7:30am Mouth of Butterfield Canyon

September 12-17

Congrats to this week's runners of the week:
Varsity Boy - Adam Wood
Varsity Girl - Kystal Kemp
JV Boy - Hunter Ramsey
JV Girl - Shauntell Collings

Thanks to the Stephenson, Henderson, Browne, and Anguiano families for hosting our team dinner last week!  
Thanks again to all of the parents that brought after race snacks too!

Team Dinner this week will be Thursday at 6:00pm at Black Ridge Reservoir, bring $2,

Monday - 3:20pm @ Stake Center on Juniper Crest just above Rosecrest by the gas station

Tuesday - 3:20pm @ Monarch Meadows Park

Wednesday - 3:20pm @ Butterfield Park

Thursday - 3:20pm @ Monarch Meadows Park
Team Dinner 6:00pm

Friday - UIAAA Invite @ Spanish Fork Sports Complex 295 W. Volunteer Drive, buses leave at 10:45pm.
1:00   Frosh/Soph Girls Race
1:4  Frosh/Soph Boys Race
2:10   Jr/Sr Girls Race
2:50   Jr/Sr Boys Race
3:20   Varsity Girls race
3:50   Varsity Boys race
4:20   Awards

Saturday-  7:30am Mouth of Butterfield Canyon

Sunday, September 4, 2016

September 5-10

Congrats to this week's runners of the week:
Varsity Boy - Tanner Webb
Varsity Girl - Anna Carter
JV Boy - Nick Burrell
JV Girl - Katelyn Moody

We had a good showing at USU on Friday, especially the boys team who dominated the JV race and won the Boy's Varsity title!  Great job by all of those who pushed themselves last week.

Thanks to the Bristols, Brackens, Gerharts, Fiests, and Adele Wood for hosting and putting on our Team Dinner last week!     Thanks to all the parents who brought food and snacks all the way to Logan on Friday too.  And to Andrew Bracken for our Post race Pizza!  .

Team Dinner on Thursday 6:00pm, Bring $2. 
4831 West Pine Canyon Lane, South Jordan

We still have some stamped shirts for $5, and some team socks for $10.

Monday - Happy Labor Day! NO practice, but run on your own. The team captains will post the run on the group me for those who will be in town.

Tuesday - Rosecrest Park @ 3:20pm

Wednesday - Rosecrest Park @ 3:20pm

Thursday - Monarch Meadows Park @ 3:20pm

Friday - Monarch Meadows Park @ 3:20pm

Saturday- Wasatch Invite @ Soldier Hollow, buses will leave at 7:00am, be there a few minutes early.

9:00 am Freshman/Sophomore Girls
9:20 am Freshman/Sophomore Boys
9:40 am Junior/Senior Girls
10:00 am Junior/Senior Boys
10:20 am Varsity Girls
10:40 am Varsity Boys
11:20 Awards Ceremony, overall Varsity Girl/Boy trophy and Team Awards

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Double Meet Week and August 29-September 2

Congrats to this week's runners of the week:
Varsity Boy - Peter White
Varsity Girl - Mica Rivera
JV Boy - Seth Robertson
JV Girl - Eyleen Kendall

Don't forget to write down and share your weekly goals.

We have 2 meets this week.  Tuesday is Pre-Region at Westlake where we will race against all of the teams in our Region on this year's Region course.  Friday we will be heading north to Utah State for the Aggie Invite.  Long trip, but this will hopefully allow everyone a longer weekend with their families.

Thanks to the Romneys, Timothys, Vickers, and Webbs for hosting our Team Dinner last week!   That might have been the biggest showing to date.  Thanks to all the parents who brought food and snacks to the races on Saturday!  

There are still a few parent shirts available if you are a size XL or 2XL.

Team Dinner on Thursday 6:00pm, Bring $2. 
5341 Toscana Way

Monday - Butterfield Park @ 3:20pm

Tuesday - Pre-Region @ Westlake High. Buses will leave at 5:10pm.
Girls Race 6:30pm
Boys Race 7:00pm

Wednesday - Monarch Meadows @ 3:20pm

Thursday - Butterfield Park @ 3:20pm

Friday - USU Aggie Invite in Logan.  Buses will leave at 12:50pm (Middle Schoolers will checkout at 12:00pm).  1400 N. 1000 E. Logan.  HERE is the info.
Rookie Girls 4:00pm
Rookie Boys 4:30pm
JV Girls 5:00pm
JV Boys 5:30pm
Varsity Girls 5:55pm
Varsity Boys 6:20pm

Saturday- 7:30am @ Mouth of Butterfield Canyon

Sunday, August 21, 2016

School Starts, August 22-27

Those trying to raise funds for yourself or the team need to complete your 20 emails for Snap.

Spirit Packs need to be paid for and receipt and sizes given to Coach Barnes by WEDNESDAY.  If you still want a spirit pack and have not taken care of it, do it ASAP.  Office Pay Form HERE

Parents, we also can order more new parent and family shirts, they are $10.  If you are interested in a parent hoodie, we will be taking orders for those until WEDNESDAY if you would like to purchase one.  We will be selling them for $30 each, and they are unisex sizes so women typically size down one size.  Pay in the Main Office and get Coach Barnes the receipt and sizes by WEDNESDAY.

We still have some Stampede shirts left that we will be selling for $7.  Coach Barnes has these shirts.

Make sure you are taking special care to eat well and regularly and hydrate really well everyday, especially with school starting.  You need to be at practice everyday and come prepared to work, no excuses!

The email list for parents has been compiled.  If anyone was unable to sign up last Monday OR signed up but didn't receive an email, please send an email to to be added to the list.

Monday - 3:20pm @ Butterfield Park

Tuesday - 3:20pm @ Rosecrest Park

Wednesday - 3:20pm @ Monarch Meadows Park

Thursday - 3:20pm @ Butterfield Park
Team Dinner this week is put on by the Timothy, Webb, Vickers, and Romney families.  It will be at the Romney's house (12506 Luzerne Ct. Herriman) at 6:30.  Bring dessert or $2.

Friday - 3:20pm @ Monarch Meadows Park

Saturday- Grass Relays at Westlake 8:00am, buses leave at 6:45am

8:00 A.M.: Girls J.V. 2 Mile Race-Frosh/Soph
8:25 A.M.: Boys J.V. 2 Mile Race -Frosh/Soph
8:45 A.M.: Girls J.V. 2 Mile Race-Jr./Sr.
9:05 A.M.: Boys J.V. 2 Mile Race -Jr./Sr.
9:20 A.M.: Girls Varsity Relay ( Top 5 Girls, 2 Miles Each Leg)
10:40 A.M.: Boys Varsity Relay (Top 5 Boys, 2 Miles Each Leg)


Sunday, August 14, 2016

Season Start

First of all BIG THANKS to all the parents who helped with the Stampede on Saturday!  You were awesome!  Good job to the athletes that went out and got good prizes for the race and for all those who helped out.  The race went smoothly and everyone seemed to have a good time.  Thanks to our SBOs for their help too.  Results are up on the Stampede Page.
Thanks to Jorgensens for hosting our team BBQ!

Time Trials will be at the High School Track Monday Night.  Start showing up between 7:30-7:45pm.  Plan on doing this for your Family Night and bring the whole family.  We will introduce the coaches, captains, and team, have a parent meeting while the kids are warming up, and the races will be run under the lights.  The parent meeting will be at about 8:00pm.  Everyone bring a treat to share for after the race (fruit and healthier treats are also good to bring).  You don't need to set treats out until after the races.  The team disclosure is on registermyathlete to be e-signed, but parents and athletes should all take a few minutes and read and become familiar with the disclosure before Time Trials.  HERE

Parents, we also have new parent and family shirts with our new logo that you can purchase for $10. 
We will have the new parent shirts on Monday night at Time Trials so you can purchase them there with cash or check while supplies last,

Eligibility was due last week on Thursday, but a lot of you still haven't turned it in, which means you will not be on the team if you don't hurry.  Check out the Eligibility Page for instructions and please get it done and in at the beginning of Time Trials.  YOU CANNOT COMPETE UNTIL EVERYTHING IS TURNED IN!

Uniforms need to be paid for in the main office.  They are $45 this year and sizes need to be given to Coach Barnes with your receipt. Use the office pay form on the Eligibility Page when you go into the office if you can.  This needs to be done ASAP!  You cannot compete without a uniform.

Spirit Packs are ready to order this week.  They will be $160 for the pack and we will have some additional items that may be purchased in addition.  More info is on the Eligibility Page and at the parent meeting tomorrow.  These will need to be paid for in the main office.   Sizes need to be given to Coach Barnes with your receipt.  The gear is way nice this year, even better than past years and the best swag to date.  We would like everyone to have a spirit pack and you will want one too.  We will not order extra or do additional orders.

If you have gotten a sponsor and have turned the money into the main office then you can talk to Coach Barnes about using it toward Fees, Spirit Pack, Uniforms, etc..  You can still get sponsors at anytime, but we cannot reimburse you for any past purchases after the fact.  We are trying get away from banners, and some of you missed the boat on the stampede shirts, so we would have to figure something else out.  We will start our Snap fundraiser on Tuesday at practice.  

Spike Night at RUN GR8 will be on the Tuesday the 16th.  If you are new or need new spikes this would be a great time to get spikes for the season.  There will be discounts on trainers as well.

Monday - AM- Run 2-3 miles easy on your own
PM- Time Trials - 7:45pm @ HS.   Bring trainers and spikes
Races will start at Dark. 1.5 miles on the track under the lights.  Eat an early dinner that will sit well for racing.

Tuesday -  3:30pm @ Monarch Meadows Park
PM- Spike Night @ Run Gr8 7:00pm

Wednesday - 3:30pm @ HS

Thursday - Highland Invite @ 4:00pm at Sugarhouse Park.  Bus will leave north side of HS at 1:10pm (be there by 1:00pm).
    Frosh Boys - 3:00 pm
    Frosh Girls - 3:25 pm
    Soph Boys - 3:50 pm
    Soph Girls - 4:15 pm
    JV Boys - 4:45 pm
    JV Girls - 5:15 pm
    Varsity Boys - 5:45 pm
    Varsity Girls - 6:10 pm
      Friday - 3:30pm @ Rosecrest

      Saturday- Butterfield Canyon 6:45am (optional)